Thursday, September 5, 2019

Why We Do It

Deep felt emotions motivated and increased the moisture level around his eyes.  He met his mother and me for lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  The reality of a miracle colored the edges of the words he was reading aloud to us from his phone.

Our son, Dawson, was reading a heart-rending story to us.  He did so because I just shared a current news story with him about a woman who had been clean from her meth addiction for the past 12 months.

The story he was reading, however, was not from some distant account of an unknown addict, though similar.  His story was very close to home.  It was about a woman who is currently within his organization.

This is a part of Heidi's story:

I am going to tell you a little bit of my story.  The picture on the left, as you can see, I am lifeless.  I struggled with even the idea of sharing this picture but it's not about me anymore.  That picture was taken May 6, 2017, hours after I overdosed for the first time in my 18 year addiction.  I had 66 felonies they wanted to charge me with.  My mother and stepfather drove 27 hours from Olympia, Washington, to Clovis, New Mexico.  I was homeless and hours away from dying due to cellulitis in my left arm.  My stepdad simply puts it, "we shook the gates of heaven for you with prayers."

You can read more of the details of Heidi's story here.  

In summary. she was released into her mother's custody and enrolled in a women's Adult and Teen Challenge program.  She has been clean for over two years and is employed as a staff member of Teen Challenge.

Heidi wrote this story because she wanted to encourage people to financially support the nonprofit organization God used to transform her life.  Teen Challenge works with men and women who have destructive substance abuse addictions. She wrote, "Ladies like me don't have the funds to pay for being here.  This center is funded fully on fundraising and donations."

Heidi after her miracle of transformation
My son, Dawson, has worked for the Pacific Northwest Regional Office of Teen Challenge for the past 9.5 years.  He is a very intelligent and capable man who could be earning twice the amount he receives for working for a charitable, nonprofit.  Why does he do it?  The unspoken answer was in his eyes as he read about the miracle of transformation God accomplished in Heidi.

My son and I have a similar appetite for divine miracles.  We love to be a part of the supernatural empowerment of people who have little hope in their lives. It is why we do what we do.

Which brings me to this question. Wouldn't you like to become a part of something that is life-changing for someone who would otherwise not have the opportunity?

Constance - from Uganda
Next Generation Ministries has students in the NGM Education Sponsorship program and our One Step Course who are unable to provide the financial resources required to be a part of these ministries.  It is through people like you that we are able to put them in an environment that has the potential to be stories similar to Heidi's.

One of our former One Step Students, Pastor Joseph Kigula, has a young lady in his community that would love to enroll in the 2019 One Step Course.  Constance has told Pastor Joseph that she wants to be a change agent in her community and that she believes the One Step Course would provide equipping and training that would help her.

Pastor Joseph was a student in the One Step Course two years ago and knows firsthand how valuable this experience can be for Constance.

Chrispine - from Congo
Another one of the students in the initial One Step Course three years ago is now a pastor in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.  Pastor Yves wants to see two of the young ladies in his church attend this year's One Step Course.

Chrispine and Lolo have been able to raise the required registration fee, but lack the tuition to begin the course on September 30th.  These two young ladies who have been displaced from their motherland of Congo due to the dangerious conditions there are trusting the Lord to provide the finances so that they can attend.

Students from developed nations have so many more options for opportunities like the ones NGM provides.  They have the financial resources to pick any one of the various options.  However, young men and women of developing nations struggle to eat and survive from one day to the next.  There are no discretionary funds.

Zolo - from Congo
NGM has a greatly reduced tuition for students from Third World Nations.  The cost of $150 is for its ten-week course.  These funds have to provide lodging, food, transportation, three books for study and reference, and ministry opportunities ... all within a family-like environment with seasoned and well-qualified mentors.

This is an opportunity for you.  Consider becoming a part of TEAM NGM as you consider enabling young men and women to participate in the One Step Course.

If you would like to help Constance, Lolo, Chrispine, and other young Africans who need financial assistance to take advantage of these opportunities, please donate online or send a check to NGM, 29940 S. Dhooghe Rd., Colton, OR 97017.  You may designate the contribution for the One Step Course.

Your donation will help us enroll Constance, Lolo, and Chrispine along with other needy Africans in programs that Next Generation Ministries sponsor and oversee.  All donations are tax-deductible.

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