Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sad News

The outcome was unpredictable.  Everyday was a day of hope.  Because everyday was filled with trust in the goodness, greatness, and grace of God.

Bad news challenges hope.

Maybe "bad" news is an inaccurate term. Perhaps painful news is better.

Whatever word describes it best for you ... it was news that I did NOT want to ever receive.

Checking email was not something that I spent a lot of time checking.  It was Thanksgiving weekend and there was too much to do ... but, the situation demanded I at least check the subject lines.

It was from African and it simply read this way:

It's been a long day of restlessness and stress due to Lyzette's condition.

This morning Lyzette continued bleeding. Tests showed she was starting to have blood clots and her placenta was out, which gave the doctors a huge alert. They came up with a final analysis to carry on with the early delivery.

All seemed fine as the baby was pushed out.  It was a boy.  But an hour later he was pronounced dead.

The burial is scheduled at 10 AM on Sunday.

Call it sad news, bad news, or painful news.  None of us wanted to hear this.

Lyzette & Jeff ... on a happier day
We can only imagine the emotional pain Jeff and Lyzette are feeling.  I know that they are people of faith in the Lord.  That faith will see them through. But our hearts are broken, once again, at the loss of another son ... another connection to Heaven for them.

It's only a consolation to know that Lyzette had/has the best medical resources at her disposal.  The NGM Maternal Advocacy Program is providing for all the financial demands this agonizing experience carries with it.  She and Jeff don't need that additional concern.

Thank you for your prayers and your financial contributions.  They mean a lot to Jeff and Lyzette. Now we pray for Lyzette's health to be restored and for God's healing of their hearts.


  1. My heart hurts for this mother and father. The phrase you used "another connection in heaven for them" is the period at the end of the "hope" sentence. Our hope is never here, but it is kept safely in our Father's home that He has prepared for us. Lord, please give Lyzette and Jeff the grace and healing that they need so desperately at this time. Please cover them with your protective wing of love. Love in Christ, Jim and Teri

    1. Thank you Jim and Teri. We are all grateful for your prayer and, on behalf of Jeff & Lyzette, we thank you for your love for the Lord and for them.

  2. Our prayers are with you and your friends.

  3. Huge prayers and huge love for Jeff, Lyzette, and the entire family!!

    Jared and Abby

  4. It's a pity that Jeff and Lyzette have lost a dear one in such a time as this. May God's comfort be abundant in their lives. God's blessings be upon all who are praying and supporting them in this trying time. Peace be with you Jeff and Lyzette.


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