Monday, April 30, 2018

Take That One Step

Conventional wisdom can be an advantage on some occasions but, depending on the collective opinions of the majority, it may prevent radical obedience to the nudge of God to take the road less traveled.

May we suggest that you do more than dip your toes in the surface of the water?

May we recommend that you take the plunge and exercise an untamed faith that gives you the courage to pursue what others may consider too risky?

May we invite you to leave the somewhat predictable context of your life in America to travel literally half way around the world to pursue an adventure that could be life changing?

ONE STEP is a residential, intercultural, mentoring course that takes place in the African nation of Uganda.  It is a 12 week one-in-a-lifetime experience that could rock your world and take you where you never dreamed possible.

The intake for this excursion into the basic foundations of skills that will serve you throughout your lifetime is September 24, 2018.

And, here is some more really terrific news:  The course is led by the newly forming team of Prince and Kelci ... who meet at One Step in September of 2016 ... and will take their relationship another giant step on September 1, 2018 in Sacramento, California.  Kelci and Prince write about their two year journey HERE.  These two mature alumni of the One Step Course are qualified and committed to doing all they can to see that you experience transformation during your 12 weeks in Africa.

Prince was unanimously endorsed by the Board of Directors of Next Generation Ministries, in the Fall of 2017, as a full time missionary with the organization.  Prince then accepted the position of Associate Director of One Step.  He has worked diligently to assemble some of the best instructors available in Uganda to guide this year's students.  Though there will be some serious times of instruction, this course is much more than an academic excursion.  It is a small, committed, group of young adults who are willing to lay aside their cultural preferences and live life with each other ... in every dimension ... to be better equipped to be world changers.

Whether you are a "talker" or shy ... introvert or extrovert ... there is a place for you in this unique experience of mentoring.

Prince is currently in America to develop relationships with people who want to be a part of his passion to demonstrate and disciple other young people and carry the love of Jesus to the nations.  He will be in the Sacramento Area until the end of May.  He will be in Oregon and Idaho in June.  In July he will be in Seattle and Oklahoma.  August will see him back in Oregon for a couple of weeks.

Prince will be the Guest Speaker at the annual NGM BBQ on August 11th.  Plan now to attend.

If you have the slightest interest in the adventure of One Step, please contact Prince through the One Step web page HERE.  He and Kelci are ready to prepare you for an experience that will serve you for years to come.

If you know Prince already, believe in him, and want to support him on a monthly or one time basis, you may donate online HERE or by using the orange DONATE NOW box in the upper right hand corner.  Or, if you prefer, you may write a check and mail it to NGM, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  Please designate your check for Prince.

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