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Not What You Think

Rebecca N Hunter
Woman of Destiny!
Destiny is a non gender issue.  Whether male or female, every individual is pregnant with destiny.

And, to be pregnant with destiny implies that something is about to be born in the future. Sometimes in the near future. Sometimes in the far future.

No one else can do what you were made to do. Only you can do what you were made to do.  It may appear to be similar to what you observe others doing.  But, there is only one of you.  If you don't do what you were meant to do, it won't get done.

Followers of Christ have a unique story their lives should write.  It will be a story of significance if it is part of a much bigger story.

God has seen fit to included me in the story of a person He brought into my life several years ago.  It is my privilege to reveal a new chapter that is being written in her story.

March 2013 - Before Jesus & Before Family
I met Rebecca because I do what I do.  God has given me a love for people and a freedom to meet and talk with them in just about any context. When I met Rebecca, she was a faithful Catholic, with no memories of her biological parents, and on her own as a single 19 year old female in the capital city of Uganda.

A friendship ensued that became significant enough for her to move from Kampala and live with my family in Jinja.  There her newfound relationship with Jesus began to develop.  She was immersed in the never boring experiences of Next Generation Ministries since she resided at the headquarters. Eventually she became part of a short term medical mission and a childhood dream was awakened.

Through several interventions by God, she was given a student visa to study in the United States.
Home Page photo, featuring Rebecca, on the official website of  Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon
She is currently finishing her third year of college there and will graduate with an Associates Degree on June 10th.  She has applied to four Nursing Schools and intends to enter one of those courses in September of this year.  Last year, my wife and I legally adopted Rebecca into the Hunter family, from the United States. But, that is another story.

In the course of the past three years, Rebecca has discovered that a life of significance must be wrapped up in the Gospel, the redemptive story of Jesus, and in loving and reconnecting people to the Father. She has chosen medicine as her bridge to connect with people.  Her long range vision is to become a medical missionary, to her own nation of Uganda, with Next Generation Ministries.

Aunt Rebecca with two nieces she lives with
Dreams are ideas.  When those ideas become plans they are better described as visions. Visions originate with God, require commitment and obedience, and the "how" of the strategy becoming a reality is never a problem for God.

Late last year, Rebecca began to have visions about a short term mission trip back to Uganda. A classmate, of their primary school back in Uganda, informed her that it was in disrepair. They began to discuss the possibilities of helping it come back to vibrant life.  That context seemed open for a couple other dreams Rebecca had regarding her village and country.

Rebecca has discovered that the GED option in America provides an alternative to students to continue their education ... but, the same option does not exist in her own country.  Because of an absence of biology on Rebecca's high school transcript, she did not qualify for any nursing schools in Uganda.  In order to qualify she would have to repeat a full two years of secondary education just to get the requirement of biology.  This closed door is what led her to apply for school in the United States.  She came to realize that the educational structure in Uganda is not student friendly.  And, can you imagine, a small African, village girl, developed a dream to change the structure to increase options for other people of destiny.

Rebecca's first book delivery on March 2, 2017
Additionally, after purchasing VERY expensive textbooks for college, Rebecca realized that books were scarce in her native country.  Additionally, while in America she recognized three differences that helped birth another dream.  (1) College students have access to plenty of books, but seldom have any use for them after they are required for the classes they took.  (2) Parents don't read to their children in Africa like she observed in America, with many benefits to their children.  (3) People in her nation don't tend to read books for leisure.  She began to imagine a library in her own nation, stocked with books donated by the people of America, that would be of great resource to many, many people.  That dream became a vision the day that Rebecca opened a Facebook page under organizations called The Book Hunter.  This very day, back in Oregon, Rebecca took delivery from an assisted living institution of many books for the library she intends to establish.

 Those are amazing dreams that have become visions in Rebecca's life.  But, wait!  There's more!

Before Rebecca starts Nursing School this next Fall, she wants to make a trip back to Uganda for a two month mission. She wants to bring some of the books with her and get some foundation stones planted for the dream of reviving her Primary School and getting her library started. She also wants to participate in a two week medical mission sponsored by Next Generation Ministries.  She is becoming an incredible person of vision.  Rebecca is pregnant with destiny.

We have no idea when birth will take place.  For Rebecca to come to Uganda this summer and accomplish all that she wants to accomplish will require around $5,000 for her airfare, mission expenses, living expenses, and transportation.  Her visa has expired and so she will have to get it renewed in order to return to school.  (We are hearing discouraging reports about people being denied visas here in Uganda even though they are currently enrolled in college/university in the United States.)  The timing of the birth is critical.

In an effort to discover God's timing, we are asking Him to show us through finances.  A YouCaring account is available for donations.  If God provides the resources, Rebecca will come this summer on her mission and leave the visa issue up to God.  If the funds are not there by the end of May, then Rebecca may have to consider God's timing is for another window of opportunity.  Any donations received will remain in the account until God's timing is revealed.

Rebecca N Hunter
Rebecca has a small Dream Team of donors who have helped pay her college tuition for three years.  Now, she is trusting God to use more people to be a part of the results of that investment.  (Let me tell you ... Rebecca is not the same girl today that she was three years ago when she left Africa for her American education.)  You will want to be a part of Rebecca's Mission Team.

Rebecca was never forgotten by God.  Even though she lost both of her parents to HIV/AIDS, and grew up a tiny village girl in the Pearl of Africa, she was was watched over by God. hE gave her a big heart and has ignited it with a passion for Him and the least of these.  She has never forgotten that she was one of those "least of these" and wants to be an expression of God's love to others like her.

Deuteronomy 6:5 is what drives and motivates Rebecca to the core of her being in pursuit of medicine.  "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind."  Through all of Rebecca's years of brokenness, she has seen God make beautiful things.  She has become one of those beautiful things.  Her life was impacted by people whom God used to change her life forever.  She wants to extend his love, mercy, and grace to the least of these and leave her own impact.

Prayerfully consider making a donation of any amount to the Rebecca & The Least of These Account. Click on the link below to join this vision.  Let's see if this destiny is due to deliver!

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