Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Grace: 5 Day Update

NGM nurse, Susan, with Grace at the clinic to dress the wound
Americans always seem to have the most generous hearts when it comes to responding to the misfortune of others.  Whether it is a national disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or tsunami and their consequences or the rebuilding required after the catastrophic change resulting in the lives of those affected ... Americans tend to be givers.

Hope For Women in Crisis and one of their young child mothers has benefited greatly from this spirit of giving.

Teenage mother who loves her baby
Six days ago, Next Generation Ministries posted a previous blog about the severe and immediate need Grace, the 16 year old mother of Emmanuel (the correct spelling of her baby's name) had, but without the finances to respond.  We hoped to raise funds to cover the medical needs for Grace.

Five days ago, Grace was taken to International Hospital Kampala where she was examined by Dr. Ben, a wonderful caring reconstruction surgeon, and taken to the theatre (operating room) that evening to remove the dead tissue and a tumor in her right breast.

Outside Dr. Ben's office ... Grace love to mug for photos!
This follow up blog celebrates the progress made and the prognosis.

Grace responded so well to the surgery that removed the sizable tumor that she was discharged from the hospital the day after.  The wound left from the surgery was to be cleaned and dressed every day before she returned for review by Dr. Ben on Tuesday, March 21st.

Susan, the nurse who does independent contract work for Next Generation Ministries, supervised the cleaning and wound redressing each day at the Jinja clinic associated with International Hospital Kampala. The wound was reducing in size and the tissue was looking healthy each day.

A sensitive moment after seeing Dr. Ben
We were a happy group of people escorting Grace to her review today. We anticipated a good report and a promising prognosis.  We were not disappointed.

It was evident that the medical crisis had subsided.  Grace is still a teenager ... really a child who has a child ... and she seems to be loving this attention and the belief that her body is going to return to normal.

The tumor that was removed
Dr. Ben is a warm, sensitive, down to earth, humble man who is born again.  He respects and cares for each of his patients and invites all of us to be a part of his patient's holistic healing.  Today, in his review, he recognized a small strain of infection in the tissue, which was why he did not close the wound, and prescribed twice a day cleansing and redressing of the wound.

There is a possibility that the wound could heal on its own without having stitches.  Dr. Ben requested we return to see him with Grace in a week.

The remaining wound
There is a huge general sense of God's goodness and grace in this short journey with Grace. Donations have reached the $2,000 mark and that may be enough to cover the medical bills for Grace.  That will depend on if she has to return to the operating room for a follow up reconstruction.

Your generosity has been outstanding.  Any funds that are received over and above this medical need will be deposited in the Next Generation Ministries Medical account.

We will keep you updated.  For those of you who can manage medical realities, we have posted a photo of the tumor that was removed and the wound that is remaining.


  1. So grateful for this outcome and the work you do!!! Thanks to all who helped! I love seeing the smile on Grace's face!

  2. So far ... so good, Karla. It's a great team the Lord has assembled to express His love to Grace. And, yes, she is a very happy person these days.


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