Friday, July 22, 2016

Getting A Little Push

Maybe you could help me think this through ... maybe ... just a little?

Doesn't it seem to you that an unspoken, maybe even unconscious, motivation for most people is to pursue comfort.  I mean, like a comfort zone.  An environment where they don't feel like they are risking anything or where they get passive when it looks like they may have to enter the unknown zone.

Maybe you have never thought about it, but my experience indicates this is typical.

Let me start with a short story ... Once upon a time ...

Years ago I developed a friendship with a guy after we were assigned  a high school game together as basketball officials.  Not only did we have some interests in common, but we were both family men and had a relationship with God.

This guy's wife was pregnant one basketball season.  When the baby was full term his wife started labor pains and they went to the hospital.  Then a tragedy happened.  The baby did not live.  It was such a devastating experience that my friend terminated his officiating for the rest of the season. He was crushed.  So was his wife.

Moments after they were told that their child was dead, a nurse approached them and asked if they would like to hold their baby. They said, "No."

Minutes later the same nurse entered the room and asked again if they would like to hold their baby now.  Their resolve remained.  No.

Again, a few minutes later, the doctor entered the room, with the child wrapped in a blanket, approached my friend and put the child in his arms.  No questions asked.  He just "pushed" the baby into his arms.

To this day, years later, my friend has no resentment towards that doctor.  Only gratitude for the push he and his wife received.  A push out of their comfort zone and into the unknown.

Sometimes we need a push to get where we do not want to go. It is only after crossing the threshold of decision making, and turning to look back, that we are thankful for the push and the experience that resulted.

Making decisions based simply on what we know will minimize our faith in the God of the unknown.

Far too many opportunities come our way and blow by us because we exercise needless caution regarding the unknown.  Groundless imagination is sometimes a universe away from reality.

So many people have considered an invitation to do something out of their comfort zone as a bad temptation or an unnecessary danger.

Take for instance ... an opportunity to go to a Third World Nation for 12 weeks for mentoring in an intercultural environment.

This opportunity can be pushed away with a resolve based on fear for safety, fear of failure, fear of financial collapse.  Or just a simple fear of not knowing everything that may be required or be involved in saying yes.

Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. And it will rob us of rewarding, fulfilling, redemptive, gratifying experiences.

I'm sure you know young adults that have found their comfort zone.  They, or their parents if they are still at home, wouldn't consider traveling halfway around the world to be a part of the ONE STEP course offered to them by Next Generation Ministries.

Two $500 scholarships are still being offered as incentive to register.  The course begins on September 19, 2016 and concludes on December 5th.  The total cost for 12 weeks of living in the Pearl of Africa is $3,000.

Unfortunately, just a casual glance at the location or the cost or the length of time or separation from the familiar is enough for many to turn away and say NO.

Maybe you are the one to help someone do what they will not do on their own.  Give them a little push.  Go ahead.  Take the risk.  Help them enroll.  Help someone say YES.

Contact us at or 971-832-4664 for information about registration.

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  1. What a great story and lesson. Being pushed is not an experience limited to your age and maturity in Christ. In fact the closer we are to Him the more we are pushed. I'm being pushed to make a business decision that has a major impact to me. Praise God that being pushed is not a bad thing but another opportunity to ask God for wisdom and to walk closer to Him.


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