Thursday, July 7, 2016

Broken Hearts

The initial hope for her earliest flight was July 6th.

She had been monitored closely at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) for one month as passports were obtained along with other preparations for travel to India for a heart surgery unavailable in Uganda. Donations were graciously and generously given during that time to make the best effort possible to save this baby's life.

After everything was accomplished, Baby Rania only needed an examination at the Uganda Heart Institute (UHI) to receive a fit to fly approval.  After the examination the cardiologist at UHI wanted to observe baby Rania before granting that approval. Instead of flying to India she was moved from IHK to UHI on July 6th.  The doctor prescribed a very strong and expensive medication for pneumonia.  The baby cried throughout the first day at UHI.

In loving memory of Baby Rania
It is with great sorrow that I inform you that baby Rania will never make that flight to India for her heart surgery.  Instead she is resting in the arms of Jesus.  As I search for the right words at my keyboard for this brief update, Ezra is gathering funds from the bank to retrieve the body from the morgue at Mulago Hospital to transport the baby to her village for burial tomorrow.

Broken hearts exist on both sides of the world as we mourn Rania's passing.

Donations received for Rania will be used to pay the balance of her bill at International Hospital Kampala (estimated at $3,000) and all burial expenses.  The balance of Rania's Heart Fund will be transferred to NGM Medical and applied to the medical bills of other patients under the care of Next Generation Ministries medical efforts.

Next Generation Ministries thanks Ezra and Rogers for their compassion, diligence, and care during this challenge.  It was not, and is not, an easy thing to fight for the life of a human being only to end with disappointment.    NGM also appreciates the assistance of Jeff Wagner and Morning Star Foundation. 


  1. Oh no!! God I have been praying for baby Rania. I hoped she would be okay. God always has a better plan. Thank you NGM and all who donated funds. Atleast Mama Rania is comforted by the fact that someone tried to do something to save her baby. God bless you all.

    1. We are all heartbroken, Shallon. Thanks for your prayers. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement too.

  2. So sad !
    May God comfort the family and NGM !


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