Wednesday, June 15, 2016

God Is ...

Well ... I would like to describe Him to you, but He is indescribable!

He is too much for me to describe. Words can't contain who He is and what He has done.

Yesterday I posted a short blog about the need to get Rania to India for her surgery AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

You are the most responsive, compassionate, and generous people we know!  In less than four hours yesterday, we had MORE than enough in contributions to reach our goal of $9,000.  Thank you so much.  Any donations not used for the trip and surgery in India will be used to pay Rania's hospital bill at International Hospital Kampala.  I believe that the donations will match the total bill for Rania's care.

Now ... here is the email that was sent to me this morning from Jeff Wagner, the Ugandan director of Morning Star International.  It looks like we have a tentative target for Rania's travel to India.

Baby Rania waiting in International Hospital Kampala
Thank you for the update. I have been in contact with Simon and he will be working on visa applications. All is progressing well, the one thing that is going to delay us is our nurse said the week of July 4th she is off from her other job and available to travel.
We could probably have everything ready for Rania to travel the week prior (June 27) and Samalie said she would try to make it work but thought it wouldn't be realistic due to the number of appointments she has already scheduled that week.
I will keep you posted on progress of visa applications and all other matters.
I have requested that Morning Star do all they can to expedite this matter.  Let's make sure that we keep this effort bathed in prayer and we will continue to see the favor of God on it to completion.

I will keep you updated.

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