Monday, June 13, 2016

Getting SO Close!

Just a few short weeks ago we set a goal.

Rania needs heart surgery and she needs it NOW.

But her needed surgery is unavailable in Uganda.

She MUST travel to India with her mother, a translator, and a nurse.

The unbelievable amount needed for passports, visas, transportation, accommodations, feeding, medical clearance, surgery, and unknown costs is only $9,000.

But ... wait!  We only need $1,415 and we will reach our goal!  We are ALMOST THERE!

Some of you have delayed in becoming a part of this attainable effort.  Maybe you thought your $25 was too small.  Of maybe you needed just one more bit of encouragement.  A small push.

Let me give you that push.  It's not too late for you.  Do it this week.

Please send your tax deductible donation to Next Generation Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  Note that your contribution is for Rania's Heart Surgery.

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