Thursday, February 18, 2016

MAP Adopts Another Mother

Rachel & her first baby, Favor, two hours old!
Sometime during the course of Election Day, the Ugandan government decided to shut down all social media.  Facebook and YouTube applications have been inoperable since then.

Here in Jinja, our household conceded that we had been cut off from the rest of the world. But, we discovered later in the evening that email was still operational.  And that we were even able to communicate by Messenger which provides chatting, and video and/or audio calling.

It dawned on me early the next day that perhaps we could still get some great stories out to you, from Uganda, through our MailChimp emails.  Though we wouldn't be able to post a notification on Facebook that the blog had been published.

So, this is an attempt to tell the amazing story of Rachel.

Rachel went into labor late Wednesday evening.  But, when she went to the government hospital in Jinja, she discovered that they were short handed due to the election.  (Don't ask for an explanation!)
Vicky (MAP Intern) & baby Favour

Rachel and Frank (whose wedding I performed last year) didn't have money for a private clinic or hospital.  This put Mama Rachel at risk and NGM's Maternal Advocacy's Program was contacted.

I called our new intern, Vicky, who was standing in a LONG line (in the hot sun) at her polling place. I told her the doctor thought Rachel had about 5 hours before delivery.  Vicky stood in line for nearly three hours before she was able to vote.  By the time we reached the private hospital, baby Favour, was two hours old!

I visited with the family and a few visitors, prayed for Rachel, and took some photos.  Then I left Vicky in charge or everything!

Both women were amazing.  Mama Rachel didn't even spend the night.  The doctor told me that she delivered naturally and that if she continued to do well they would discharge her before it got dark.

Vicky stayed for the duration, paid the hospital bill, fed the family, put together a baby Starter Kit with blankets, clothes, and a few other baby articles (all brought to Uganda by the Oklahoma Medical Team).  She hired a vehicle and took the family to town to buy a package of disposable diapers, baby soap and oil, and a few other things to get this family of three started down the road of this new adventure.

Pam prays for the new family before they leave the compound
Both parents appreciated this service and told me that we picked the right "nurse" to represent and advocate for pregnant mothers. It was a time of celebration all around, though Rachel was very tired and looking forward to some rest.

I am going to attempt to upload a short video I made of Rachel and her new baby when I arrived at the hospital.  It is too irresistible to not make an effort.

Please let me know, by email, if this effort has worked.


  1. Oh my goodness. She is beautiful. Good work Racheal! Hopefully the blanket makes it before she's too big for it! :)

  2. Congratulations Rachael & Frank. She's beautiful!!


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