Monday, February 22, 2016


My best friend
A little more than a week ago I took my wife/girlfriend to an early dinner on a relaxed Sunday afternoon.  We were in the best restaurant (meaning the most expensive!) in Jinja celebrating our relationship.

Our time together was significant and silly ... characteristic of a relationship of almost 50 years (we met in college in 1966!) and seemed so far removed from the crisis the nation of Uganda would face in just four days.

Of course, our family and friends had great concerns for our safety as things have been volatile in Uganda for the past five days. Pam's brother wrote her a one sentence email thanking us for keeping them all updated through this blog.

When she read her response to me from behind her laptop I requested her permission to share it.  I wish she would write more!

Dear Gary,

Today seemed like a normal day.  Shops were open.  Kids started returning to school (this is the beginning of a new school year for them).

Of course there are a few opposition leaders who have been arrested.  I don't know what will happen when they are released.  Yesterday we had shots and tear gas here in Jinja, but people were protesting the announcement of the Member of Parliament that everyone is quite sure did NOT get the most votes.  The hooligans were quickly dispersed since they only had rocks and sticks and . . .well . . . the army had armored tanks and real guns and bullets.

We are still watchful, but Paul and I went to Kampala today (the capital city).  There was no trouble, just traffic to deal with.

After we came home I went to visit a friend who runs a cafe/restaurant here in town.  She is an 80 year old Australian lady who has been here since Idi Amin's time.  She has seen plenty.  Anyway as I was sitting in her cafe that is open to the street, just watching people and traffic and kind of mindlessly not thinking too much, a soldier walked by carrying a gun.  He looked in the shop and as he walked by.  It struck me, as if I was outside and watching the scene from the street, that it almost seemed like the movies.  White person sitting among the locals, as if it were just a normal day, while the story is unfolding of serious consequences ... seen only through the eyes of the ones 'in the know' who are writing the story.  It was one of those moments that make you wonder if you even know what is going on, really!  And then, again, what's to know, except that you are living the life you are given, to the best of your ability, and have to trust God to take care of everything, even what you don't know.

Paul does a great job writing and he's ever having to write something.  People respond, and so he keeps writing.  I think he even gets better at it.  So much happens here, that it is impossible to tell all the stories.  But the stories are great, and help paint the real picture of life here for us and for the Africans.

Thanks for appreciating his updates.  Thanks for loving us.



  1. Hi dad,
    If I were to really vote who should write blogs, I think I know who I would vote! Momma is amazing. She has a writing skill. And she is beautiful all together. Words can not explain the sound of her words when they echo into my ears and straight down to my little heart. Love her and Love you!!!
    Thank you for sharing and thanks to her for letting you!!! You both make me proud.

    1. Okay ... from now on Mom will be the one to write blogs ... about one or two a year? Would that be okay?? :-)

  2. Pam, as you did your prayer walk I was really praying for your safety and that your presence would count in the Kingdom of God. You 2 are pretty amazing, and I think a book is in you both. Maybe? Love you guys, and continued safety all around you both, with His Words in your mouths. Teri and Jim

  3. Thanks for sharing what she wrote - I loved it. Great insight.

  4. Thanks Paul for sharing our daughter's insightful thoughts regrading the situation there. It helps me breathe a little better tonight. Thanking God for His never ending mercy and grace. I always love whatever either of you share. You make a great team. I agree, A Book Sounds Great !!! Love you, Mom

  5. I love the way both of you write, so keep featuring Pam's writing as well Paul! Our God is Good, Our God is Faithful, Our God is Strong, Our God is Wonderful, Our God is Mighty, Our God loves the Hunters!!


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