Saturday, February 20, 2016

Accurate Information From Uganda

Be careful to whom you listen.  Many will talk.  Not all information is accurate.

The Ugandan Electoral Commission was suppose to announce the winner of the Presidential Election today, Saturday, at 4 PM.  News media has announced that the incumbent, President Museveni, has been officially elected.  However, we are not sure that the announcement includes ALL districts reporting.

If you want accurate information regarding the status of stability and safety within Uganda please go to the U.S. Embassy website here in Uganda.


The Embassy is aware that a message is being circulated on social media that claims the Unites States has ordered an evacuation of U.S. citizens from Uganda.

Such information is FALSE.  The Embassy has NOT ordered any evacuation and no evacuation is underway.  Please disregard the message because it is a deliberate hoax. 

Email is still available here in Jinja.  The power has been shut down.  All social media remains blocked.  Jinja is pretty calm with the exception of a potential eruption near city hall when the winner of the Parliament race is announced.

Kampala remains dangerous.  Shops are closed.  People are not moving. Some main roads have been blocked.  Particularly the one leaving Kampala and headed toward the airport in Entebbe.

Messenger is allowing free video phone calls.  Any contact with people in America is appreciated and comforting.

This concludes my Saturday update on the political crisis in Uganda ... while my laptop still has some battery power.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. We love you guys and are praying for you. May Jesus shine through you for his glory and purposes during this crisis. May his peace that passes understanding and joy regardless of circumstances be yours. ---Bill and Jenny Seagren

    1. It is so great to hear from you Jenny & Bill. I often think about you and wonder where the Lord has directed your life and how He must be using you for His glory and your gladness. You prayer is a great encouragement and blessing. We love you two as well.

  2. I think of everyone there all day. Thank you for the updates and letting us know you are okay. ♡


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