Monday, November 23, 2015

Please Don't Let Her Die

It's a memory I wish I didn't have.

The call came in the middle of the night.  From the hospital.  It was the second time I heard despair in the voice of the husband.  The earlier call came from his home.  "She is bleeding and she is very weak!"  He was without a vehicle and so was I.  But I encouraged him to take her to the best medical facility I was aware of at the time.  He got a vehicle, but my speculation is that an absence of funds turned him in the direction of the "free" government hospital.

Just a few days earlier, she had been sent home from the same hospital after never having been seen by a doctor.  She bled throughout those five days.  The bleeding continued after she arrived home.  Now she was in crisis and, though it was still dark, I had to find a way to get to the hospital. When I reached the hospital, I found the husband's desperation to be contagious.

We had to fight with the doctor and nurse to get them to perform the Cesarean surgery.  They were demanding money, but we didn't have any money up front.  We finally prevailed and little baby Hunter was brought into this world.

Baby Hunter's body waiting for burial
March 2012
But, he only survived for about 90 minutes. He was buried the same day while his mother, Lyzette Kasigwa was still in the hospital and coming out from under the anesthesia. She had lost so much blood that we nearly lost her too. It is a very bad memory for me, but no where near the emotional pain it must be for Jeff and Lyzette.

That was nearly four years ago.  We all must have assumed that was her last pregnancy. But, she is just over four months pregnant now and having serious complications. Yesterday she was admitted to International Hospital Kampala.  I won't be back in Uganda until December 10th to confirm, but I suspect that the anxiety Jeff and Lyzette are experiencing currently must be compounded by those personal memories.

They are fighting for her life and the life of the baby.

Lyzette ... currently admitted to IHK
Jeff's exact words, in the message I received moments ago, are "It is overwhelming and draining, not only emotionally, but financially. We need a miracle.  It's been a hard season for family here."

Lyzette's uterus is now leaking fluid.  Though the doctor will not determined his final treatment until later today, Lyzette had started bleeding again so she is on IV.  Jeff has reported that the baby is okay at this point.

We need your help.

Lyzette is the third pregnant lady that the NGM Maternal Advocacy Program (MAP) has adopted. She was taken by Next Generation Ministries to International Hospital Kampala two days ago for assessment. Dr. Alex found that she has been suffering from a chronic kidney disease in addition to her pregnancy complications.  Now she is in that same hospital and we are very concerned.

Jeff & Lyzette have been friends of Next Generation Ministries for many years.  Some of you know them personally and have shared life with them.  Others of you know them through my blogs and posted photos on Facebook.

Would you please give toward Lyzette's medical care?

Please send a check now to Next Generation Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017 or use the PayPal method on the right of this blog.  Make sure that you note the donation is designated for Lyzette's medical care at MAP Lyzette.

Thank you.

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  1. God bless you Jeff and Lyzette with all that you need from His riches in Christ Jesus. Sent some money to help. May His loving arms surround you. Love in Christ. Jim and Teri


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