Monday, November 30, 2015

It's A Boy! ... No ... Wait!

Some secrets are impossible to keep.

You can try if you want to.  You can tell no one. And think, "It's safe.  I'm the only one who knows."  And yet, you will find it impossible.

Some news is so good that keeping it quiet is out of the question.  It MUST be told.

But, there are other secrets that time reveals. Hide them as long as you can, but ultimately they are uncovered.

Attempting to keep such a secret hidden for Robert and Sarah Sityo was ridiculous!

Eleven years of marriage and still no biological children.

Desire?  Yes.  Attempts?  Yes.  Prayers and prophecies?  Yes.  But, children?  No.

Sarah & Robert Sityo
Well ... maybe it would be better said, "NOT YET!"

Robert was awarded a full ride scholarship at Wheaton College and this week completed his studies in earning a masters degree in Intercultural Studies & Missions.  It wasn't easy being away from his wife for the year and half, in the United States, that the course of study required.

There are ways around separation.  Sarah had six months left on her visa and made a trip last year to be with Robert in Wheaton, Illinois.  And, later, Robert also made a trip home this year for some time with Sarah.

Yesterday was a day of fruitfulness!

While Robert is not 100 years old and Sarah is not 90 years old ... time uncovered the mystery of God to do what man considers impossible. Sarah got pregnant.  Not with just one baby ... BUT THREE!

Sarah heads for the Theatre
As soon as Next Generation Ministries discovered this well kept secret, they requested the Sityos allow them to adopt Sarah as their first patient for the newly formed Maternal Advocacy Program (MAP). The financial need promised to be overwhelming.  But, the greater concern was the impossible distance between Sarah's home in Jinja and international standard medical resources in Kampala. Lives were in danger.  Multiple babies also place them and their mothers in the greater risk category.

Robert and Sarah gratefully said YES and the relationship began immediately.  Sarah was moved to Kampala in order to be in close proximity to her doctor and hospital.

Robert & Sarah's son Nathan
Yesterday, that move paid big dividends! After more than 8 healthy months of pregnancy, Sarah began having contractions.  She was taken to the theatre (operating room) for Cesarean.  All three children had a safe delivery, though the first and third had some breathing complications and had to be given expensive medication to assist them.   The first weighed 3.9 pounds.  The second arrived at 4.4 pounds and the third born was 4.2 pounds.

All of the babies are stable and are being monitored.  Sarah is fine as she recovers from this amazing first time experience.

The mission of the NGM Maternal Advocacy Program is to provide compassion, care, and medical competency in loving pregnant women.  The priorities of relationship and risk put ladies on the list.

And the girls ... Chelsea & Sandra
The case of Sarah fit the mission and priorities perfectly.  She was at risk and has been a friend and associate of Next Generation Ministries for more than a decade.

It it was a goal to save lives ... this is the first fruit of that passion!

Elisha Ezra is the NGM man on the ground.  He works as the Media Specialist and Medical Agent for Next Generation Ministries.

Ezra grabbing some rest
Over the past several days he has been  rushing between the hospitals and guests house of Sarah Sityo and Lyzette Kasigwa.  He experienced the depths of despair when Jeff and Lyzette lost their baby ... only to reach the heights of ecstasy when Sarah's three babies where given safe passage to Earth.  It was worth the exhaustion.  NGM is grateful to have such people.

The anticipated expenses for the care of Sarah and the delivery of her three children exceeded expectations. The medication for the two who struggled to breath initially was very expensive. If you have not yet contributed to the MAP program this year, please make a donation now to help cover Sarah's medical expenses.
The estimated costs for the care of the mother and her babies has reached $5,000 ... a bargain by American standards ... and this is for genuine international standard medical care.

Write a check and mail it to Next Generation Ministries (NGM), 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  OR you can use the PayPal button at the top of this blog.  Please note that your donation is for Sarah's MAP account.  Take part in helping save lives.

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