Thursday, November 19, 2015

Caring Place Christmas!

Americans enjoy privileges that fewer than half of the rest of the world experience.

Unless you have been to Africa or another Third World Nation, it is impossible to correctly imagine the challenges residents of those countries face.

Necessities are taken for granted in the West. Additionally, there is a strong appetite for non-essentials.  Some Westerners are convinced they are entitled to many items and privileges that people of Third World Nations would consider luxuries and definitely out of reach.

My purpose, this Thanksgiving & Christmas Season, is not to manipulate you with a sense of guilt.  Enjoy the privileges and pleasures of your culture.  I want to motivated you to share some of your privileges with those less fortunate.

Many of the children from Sera's Caring Place
Nearly 9 years ago, Sera Kasonga founded a home in Jinja, Uganda, for street boys.  She named her home Caring Place, which I have historically called Sera's Caring Place.  Over the past 9 years, Next Generation Ministries has been friends with Sera and her home, NGM has connected her to some short term missionaries and many supporters of NGM. This connection provided an avenue of love to be expressed in the provision of beds, mattresses, sheets, school fees, food, clothing, and housing.

Now ... here is the deal: Those mattresses are worn out.  Those sheets need to be replaced too. The size of the home has nearly doubled.  The need is there and it helps NGM demonstrate one of her primary strategies in connecting resources to needs.  Our goal is to raise $750 this holiday season.  So far NGM has received $310 for this need.

I am asking you to donate only $20 for a mattress and one set of sheets for that mattress.

That's all.  Just $20.  But that $20 will be a HUGE benefit to the children of Sera's Caring Place.

More than likely, this appeal is not the first one to arrive in your email inbox or through the postal service.  And, there will be many more to follow.  It happens to me and, by default, I think "I can't contribute to all of these appeals" ... and then I may end up not contributing to ANY of the needs.

So ... here is what I want you to do.

Put a notification in your Smart phone to write a check sometime during the next two weeks, or when you pay your monthly bills.  And, then make sure you do it!

Or, organized your immediate or extended family to adopt Sera's Caring Place for your 2015 Christmas.  Gather donations and send $50.

OR ... get your checkbook right now and write out a check for $20 to NGM and write Caring Place Christmas on the memo line.  Mail your check to Next Generation Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  If you donate through PayPal, please make sure that you designate your contribution for Caring Place Christmas.

One way for me to combat overindulgence, in a culture of more than plenty, is to share what God has given me with those who often do without the necessities.  I have already donated for a mattress and sheets.  So has my wife Pam.  Why not join us now?

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