Friday, September 25, 2015

Giving Life to Life Givers!

As she recounted the unpleasant experience she had just witnessed, emotions within me began to build and collide. Horrified, disbelieving, and angry I asked in amazement, "Are you sure?"  A so-called, impatient "doctor" had gotten above my friend who was delivering her baby and pushed the baby out with his hands on her stomach!  Putting both the life of mother and baby at great risk. That forever memory occurred more than a half dozen years ago.

Just a couple of years ago, another pregnant and bleeding friend was sent to the government hospital.  She bled for five days and never saw her doctor, who eventually gave her discharge orders. From home she lost so much blood in the middle of the night her husband was overcome with panic and took her back to the hospital. He called me hours before daylight because she was in the operating room for a C-section, but nothing was happening. He had no money.  He almost lost his wife that early morning. Though their son was born alive, he only lived for about 90 minutes.  It was horrendous. 

These and other terrifying accounts of pregnancy and delivery by the women of Uganda gave birth to a growing desire to change this norm.  Two years ago, money was donated for the purchase of land on which a clinic could be build.  Land was discovered and purchased.  A three bedroom house was also on the land.  After securing the boundaries with walls and gates, plus renovating the house, a strategy was being developed for the construction of a women's clinic that would meet international standards.

Over the past year, Dale Chapman, project manager, did a diligent and thorough job in assessing the needs, requirements, and feasibility of constructing such a facility.  Serious concerns regarding location, water, power, corruption, and financial issues were considered by the NGM Board of Directors during their meeting in August.

One of the proposed sketches for a facility
These concerns prompted the Board to revisit the original vision to provide advocacy, dignity, compassion, and quality health care for pregnant women of Uganda.  The challenge of raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the facility, then medical equipment, was discussed.  With enough money the challenges could be met, the obstacles overcome, and a facility built and equipped. But, the time required to raise money while pregnant women are currently needing advocacy and care resulted in a decision to suspend the construction project.  The Board chose, instead, to use available facilities, hire a health care profession to work with each women NGM cares for, and begin to impact pregnant women's lives immediately.  This decision potentially gave us greater impact and promised to be cost effective.

Two Initial Cases for the NGM Maternal Advocacy Program

Meet Sarah and Deborah

This decision was rewarded immediately with the needs of two pregnant women with whom Next Generation Ministries has relationship.  And, relationship is the key factor in which pregnant women will be considered and chosen to benefit from NGM Women's Health Care.  Pregnant women are everywhere in Uganda. Funds are limited and NGM cannot meet all those needs.  So, the need will not drive this ministry, but relationship will.

Sarah Sityo
After more than a decade of not being able to bear children, Sarah Sityo is pregnant.  Sarah and Robert Sityo have been associates of Next Generation Ministries for over ten years.  God has used this amazing couple to bring Jesus to the village of Bukeeka in a very significant way.  Opposition and sabotage nearly brought their initial efforts to an end. But God ... God gave them the idea of loving the children of Bukeeka so that the Muslim parents of the children would come to love them.

Fountain of Hope School was the result and now has over 1,200 students in both the primary and high school levels AND is the best performing school in the district. True Worship Center, the church founded by Robert and Sarah, serves hundreds of people. Fountain of Hope Ministries has planted several prospering churches. Robert and Sarah have reproduced themselves in the lives of many, many young people.  Robert was one of 10 candidates chosen out of a field of 420 applicants for full ride scholarship at Wheaton College.  He will receive his master's in intercultural studies by the end of this year.

Robert Sityo in Fairview, Oklahoma
And, now, Sarah is pregnant!  And, not with just one baby, but three!  Sarah's due date is December 21st.  Her pregnancy is going to require the best medical care the nation of Uganda has to offer.  This means she will have to be cared for by doctors in Kampala. NGM Women's Health Care had adopted Sarah as their first case.  Robert has managed to pay $350 for the initial prenatal care, but there are scans and injections and the Cesarean surgery that Sarah will need help with. NGM Women's Health Care is asking that you be one of the partners in raising $2,500 for the care and delivery of Robert and Sarah's babies.  You may send your donation to Next Generation Ministries (NGM), 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  Please include a note that your donation is intended to assist Sarah in her health care needs.

Deborah & Rogers
Now ... please meet Deborah who is married to Rogers. Rogers is the adopted son of Pastor David Waisana, whom is known by some of the readers of this blog.  He is working in a bakery, but his wife's pregnancy is outside the normal pregnancy and she it is going to require special medical attention.  She is carrying twins, which is not so unusual in Uganda, but she also tested positive for Hepatitis B.  While positive, she is just a carrier now as it is not active. 

Additionally, Deborah's sister died a couple of months ago with her first delivery.  Deborah's pregnancy is high risk. These are the typical situations that is made for Maternal Advocacy (MA ... if you are so inclined!) of the NGM Women's Health Care ministry.

The twins will also need post natal care for the hepatitis issue.  We are estimating the cost of assisting Deborah through this pregnancy at $1,500.  If you would like to donate to this mamma, send your check to the address listed above.  Include a note that your donation is for Deborah.

Please help Next Generation Ministries give life to these life givers!


  1. Wow! Five children between the two families! I pray that God will preserve all five lives and their mothers' lives as well. Thank you for sharing this need.

  2. Miracles still happen in the 21st Century. Glory be to God.


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