Monday, August 24, 2015

September Road Trip!

Can we come?  And see YOU!?!

It's a pretty short loop compared to the entire network of roads existing in America.  But, it will get us started and maybe reconnect us with some of you.

Pam and I leave Oregon and hit the road on September 12th.  AND ... we may just be coming YOUR WAY!

If you have the time and the inclination ... let's hook up!  There are open spots in our schedule. Our itinerary is below!

Don't worry Oklahoma.  We are coming your way in October!

We will be fortunate enough to have our daughter, Rebecca, with us on Sunday.  We look forward to reconnecting with Dalkena Community Church the morning of September 13th.  We will be sharing about Next Generation Ministries in the Sunday School hour at 9:15 AM.  Rebecca Nakanjako will be sharing briefly in the Morning Service following Sunday School.  A BBQ will be hosted by Tim & Denise Pontius at their home at 1 PM.  Everyone is welcome.

Sunday evening we will be with Brian & Julianne Primer at Fernwood Community Church in Fernwood, Idaho. The meeting begins at 6 PM and we would love to see you there. Rebecca will be with us that evening as well.

Monday morning Pam and I will point our vehicle in the direction of Pocatello, Idaho.  But first, we will make a stop in Philipsburg, Montana, at the home of Vince and Rozanne Reece.  We will be available Mondayevening to meet with anyone interested in NGM.

Tuesday morning we are destined for Pocatello and should arrive Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday evening, Wednesday, and Thursday are not yet scheduled and we will be available.  Just let us know when you would like to connect and we will do our level best!

Friday morning we head for Meridian, Idaho where we will be with Brian and Suzanne Harrison.  Brian and his daughter, Stephanie, have been to Uganda and are familiar with who we are and what we do in Uganda.  that will be September 18th

Saturday Pam and I will head north again so we can be in the the equally beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  Our hosts will be Brian & Maren Snyders.

We will be available Saturday evening and Sunday morning will find us at Peace Lutheran Church in Coeur d'Alene.  Sunday afternoon there will be a BBQ reunion with the North Idaho Medical Team that served over 2000 patient in Uganda in May of this year.

If anyone wants to connect on Monday we will hang around until
Tuesday before we leave for Oregon.  Call me (971-832-4664), email me, or message me on Facebook.

IF you find it easy to see how the road trip will play out this way ... this is for you!

September 2015
  • 13 - Dalkena Community Church - BBQ - Fernwood Community Church
  • 14 - Philipsburg, Montana with Vince & Rozanne Reese
  • 15 - open evening in Pocatello, Idaho
  • 16 - open day in Pocatello, Idaho
  • 17 - open day in Pocatello, Idaho
  • 18 - Meridian, Idaho with Brian & Suzanne Harrison
  • 19 - open evening in Coeur' d'Alene, Idaho
  • 20 - Peace Lutheran Church
  • 21 - open day in Coeur d'Alene
Pam and I will be representing Next Generation Ministries at a Missions Conference at Sunnyside Community Church in Damascus, Oregon on September 24-27.  We would love to connect with any of you in that church OR the surrounding area.  It would be a pleasure.

September 28th, Pam and I leave for an extended road trip in the Midwest.  If you would like to sit down with us anytime during the month of October, please call me (9710832-4664), email me, or message me on Facebook.

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