Thursday, August 13, 2015

Life Is All About ... WHAT?

Yup!  That's what he said!  "All in!"

He said, "No joking around.  You have to  be serious about it."

His name was Chuck and everyday he sits on the sidewalk of Main Street, just outside the Soda Fountain, in the tourist town of Philipsburg, Montana.

What is IT that is so important that you have to take it so serious and be all in?

Chuck  preaches the gospel of fishing flies.

Seriously! No joke!  The art of tying flies for fly fishermen. I am not making this up.  The day I heard this from Chucks own lips, I grabbed my iPhone and started taking notes when I realized how passionate this 78 year old man is about his profession.  I thought I could learn something about mentoring.

My wife Pam with Chuck in Philipsburg, Montana
Twenty minutes of listening to Chuck resulted in learning how his flies were superior to any "store bought" flies ... which are guaranteed to come apart after a few casts into the water and become useless to fishermen.  He told me that he was mentored by  a man named Frank, who was known all over the world for the quality of flies he tied. Chuck went to Frank's house four days a week for his mentoring.  He was serious about learning how to tie flies from the master.

Frank would then go to shows and blend into the woodwork to observe his student from a distance. The buttons would burst off of his shirt when he witnessed how accomplished his student had become.

The goal of the mentor, according to Chuck, was that those mentored would go beyond their master fly tier.  All because they gave up everything else in their life to be mentored.  Because they were all in.  Not halfway.

Darious Salas, of Idaho, won the  1st  scholarship
ONE STEP is a mentoring course being offer for those who want to be all in when it comes to living life upon the foundations stones of identity, purpose, and vision.  ONE STEP is sponsored by Next Generation Ministries and will be conducted in Uganda.  ONE STEP is looking for students who are serious about being mentored by some of the greatest leaders in Africa.  ONE STEP is committed to equipping their students for the journey of life.

ONE STEP is looking for students who will be as passionate about living life with purpose as Chuck is about tying flies!  ONE STEP is committed to seeing their students living life with greater impact and success than their mentors.

James Smith, of Oregon, won the second scholarship
With a limited enrollment of 20, ONE STEP is currently offering $500 scholarships for the first three students who enroll with their $50 non-refundable registration.  Unveiled to the public just a few weeks ago, two students have already taken advantage of this financial opportunity.  One scholarship remains.

If you, or someone you know, suspect you could benefit from a 12 week intercultural mentorship, please go online at and investigate the course which begins in September of 2016.  Or, feel free to email the director, Paul Hunter, at

ONE STEP will incorporate the following elements in an effort to produce people of impact:

  • Residential training done in the context of community
  • A focus on relational mentoring
  • A blend or formal & informal instruction
  • A cross-cultural environment
  • An integration of instruction with practical application
  • An effort attempted in the third world nation of Uganda

... enroll today!

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