Tuesday, July 7, 2015

MUCH Bigger!

This announcement MUST NOT be compared to the last BIG announcement Next Generation Miniseries made recently.  It must be contrasted!

This is, in fact, a HUGE announcement!

The last big announcement we made just 12 days ago was for the annual BBQ that Next Generation Ministries sponsors every summer at the home of Paul and Pam Hunter. As announced, this year the BBQ will be on August 1st.

Some people anticipated an announcement on the level of Abraham and Sarah.  NO.  Pam is not expecting with child!  That would be a miracle.  Not an announcement.

These two words may not mean much to you yet, but hopefully, they will within the next week or 10 days.


One Step is a 12 week course being offered by Next Generation Ministries in September of 2016.

Within just a few days the One Step website and Facebook page will be released to the public. When that happens you will learn more about how One Step can equip some for the many steps of life's journey.

Look for it.  Coming soon!

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