Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How Did We Get Here?

It wasn't my mission that took me there more than three years ago.

He was on a mission to get the best price in Kampala for a flat screen TV for his home for former street boys.  I just "happened" to be with him that day.

Truth be known, however, I am usually always on a mission.  I normally look for people to connect with everywhere I go.

This particular electronics store had two young ladies at the entrance working as sales girls.  It was so close to closing time that the potential customer went directly to the manager, leaving the girls sitting on either side of the door.  They were my target.

One was friendly and, well, very nice.  The other was distant, withdrawn, and aloof.

That was just over three years ago.  As I reflect on those girls today I have to wonder, "How on earth did we all get HERE?!"

Rebecca confirms we are in the right place!
An hour before midnight, my wife, Rebecca, and I arrived at the airport to meet a plane from JFK Airport, New York.  Aboard that plane was Esther, the nice girl I met more than three years ago at More Electronics.  Just over two years ago she came to America on a work visa and has been working in Brooklyn, New York since then.

Why did she come all the way west to Portland, Oregon, last night?

The other girl ... the one who was distant, withdrawn, and aloof when I met her? ... well, she is here in Oregon!  In fact, she has been here almost all summer.  This is now her home and she wanted to spend this time with us before she returns to college in late August.  Why? ... my wife and I have become her parents.

SPECIAL GUESTS - Esther & Rebecca
After being apart for over two years, these best friends were beside themselves as they reunited.  They couldn't stop giggling for about 40 minutes as they delighted in memories from the past and the prospect of spending every moment of the next six days with each other. And, as I eavesdropped on their back seat conversation, Esther explained to Rebecca that she was the "nice one" only because she had already given her life to Christ.

Saturday, August 1st, my wife, Pam, and I will host our annual Next Generation Ministries BBQ! This year Rebecca and Esther will be our SPECIAL GUESTS from their native country of Uganda.  They will share some of the secrets that brought them together, and how they met me, and how they both came to America and found each other at Portland International Airport last night.

Come and hear how we all got from that there in that small electronics shop in Kampala, Uganda, to her in America.

This is a friendly reminder for you to reserve Saturday afternoon for the BBQ.  It will be hosted by Paul & Pam Hunter at 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 087017.

AND, don't forget!  A $500 prize will be given away at the BBQ.  But, you need to be there to register!  The BBQ is scheduled for 2 PM and the drawing will take place later, but you do not need to be present to win.  IF you win you can use the prize for yourself or gift it to another person.


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  1. SO exciting. I'm sorry that I will miss it this year.


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