Monday, May 11, 2015

Coming Your Way!

The current tour of Paul & Pam Hunter, for Next Generation Ministries in Uganda, is winding down ... quickly!

A medical team of 13 will arrive one week from today from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  They will work with Next Generation Ministries for two weeks before returning to the States the end of May. Three days later, the Hunters will board their KLM flight and head back to Oregon.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day ... they have all come and gone without the Hunters enjoying them with family and friends who were 10,000 miles away.  But, soon, they will begin working for NGM from the comfortable confines of Colton, Oregon ... before heading YOUR WAY!

After a Missions Conference in the Portland, Oregon, area in early September, Paul and Pam will begin a tour of the United States on behalf of Next Generation Ministries.  They would love to come your way.  To fill in the gaps.  Answer the questions.  Share what has happened.  Even invite you to be a part of it all ... in some way ... big or small.

Even if you have never sat down with the Hunters and asked them to share what they do in the tiny African nation of Uganda ... please ... invite them to come YOUR WAY.  Informal or formal settings ... it doesn't matter to them.  Send them an email or call them at (503)824-4800! The itinerary is not yet set, but you should be included.  Make that call.  Send that email.

Let the Hunters come YOUR WAY!


  1. Hooray! This sounds wonderful! So happy to have you *here* for a bit. Praying this is a blessed time, that you're rejuvenated, and that NGM continues to flourish by God's mighty power! Love you two!

    1. Thanks Kari. We would love to just handout out with Renew some Sunday AM and then also appreciate them sometime for being a big part of us while we are in Oregon.

  2. we are counting the days !! yaaaa

    1. You and Duke and my parents are first on our list soon after we land in Portland!


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