Thursday, March 5, 2015

Alive ... AND Kicking!

The sad condition of the cows last November
And now ... in other news ...

Any reports concerning the death of Next Generation Ministries farm have been determined to be without any credibility. Though the condition of this fledgling enterprise 5 months ago lead some to believe that the death of that farm was imminent, today the real story has to be told.

Just as the rainy season has come to refresh the dry red soil of Uganda, so new life has come to the NGM farm through the teamwork of Chris Kulaba, Peter Bukenya, Elisha Ezra, and Paul Hunter.

Plenty of shade, food, water, medical treatment & love
It was a genuine team effort.  After an initial trip to the farm in early November of 2014 revealed that the fence was down and in disrepair, the animals were undernourished and un-medicated, and the care of the farm had been neglected by the three employees ... the team made a commitment to see revival come to the farm.  Sweat equity and a fair amount of money have yielded a promising future for the farm.

Treated fence posts were purchased and erected.  Fencing was strung. Brush was cleared.  Feed was put in front of the cows continually.  Water was always available.  Veterinarians came to treat the animals.  It's true that we lost two cows because of neglect.  But, the rest are currently looking healthy and contented.

Small, but new farm house for overseeing herdsman
Water is now provided by Uganda National Water and Sewage at a price far lower than purchasing it from the neighbor.  A shelter was built over the feeder for protection from rain and sun.  A storage place for wheat mash from the local brewery was constructed.  A strong gate was installed for access to the farm. Vaccinations were administered.  The young heifers were given artificial insemination at the proper time.

AND, in order to maintain better oversight of the animals and reduce theft, a small house was built and a man hired to live in it with his small family.

As this is report is being written, plumbing materials are being transported to the farm for the finishing of two showers and two toilets. Doors are being installed on those facilities right now.

Good looking animals now!
But, the greatest improvement is in the condition of the cows.  They are contented, well fed, overseen by a doctor on a regular basis, and comfortable with those who care for them on a daily basis.

Without the commitment and initiative of Chris Kulaba, who has been providing consistent direction and encouragement to the herdsmen working on the farm ... well, the farm would not have survived.  The previous farm manager felt financial pressure in his personal life and misused funds from NGM to relieve that pressure ... to the neglect and abandonment of the farm.  However, the pressure only increased, his guilt depressed him, and all responsibility was  avoided.

Chris (on the right) has done a great job
in a learning capacity
Chris is a musician with training in musical production.  Last November, farming was not a part of  his vision or ambition.  But, his love for the heart and soul of NGM allowed him to fill a hole that needed filling.  His love for the farm seems to increase each month along with his managerial skills.

Before the end of 2015 the farm should have new calves born and milk flowing.  The on site employee will provide constant oversight of the animals that need love and care.

The future is bright and filled with promise. The generosity of the donors for the NGM farm has allowed it to be revived and remain alive ... and kicking!  From a near collapse to a vibrant and hope filled enterprise ,,, now the goal is for the farm to become self sustaining in the year 2016.

Someone has said ... Teamwork makes a dream work.  It sure has worked down on the farm!


  1. Sooooooo happy to hear the good news !!! Praise be to God. Way to go Chris, Elisha, Peter and Paul. And all who support the farm in one way or another.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Jeannie. Team efforts always yield more successful results. Thanks for being part of the team.

    2. Sylvia & Roland OllgaardMarch 8, 2015 at 6:38 PM

      Great job all you hard wording Christians. God has got His eye on you. We love you and love to hear all the good news. The milk will taste so much better with good feed for the cows. "Happy cows make happy milk."

      Things are going well with the new parsonage. A bunch of tired retired old folks.


  2. The before and after photo of the cows demonstrates that there is some good work being done by the team.Kudos to all and wishing you the best

    1. The before pictures don't even get close to representing the terrible condition the cows were in. It is not surprising that we lost two cows. The last couple of months we haven't had to treat them medically ... I think because they are now vaccinated and resistant to the diseases common to this area. But, yes, there is a HUGE overall improvement in the condition of the animals. Yesterday, one more heifer was given artificial insemination!

  3. Praise God!! What an amazing story of God restoring what was almost lost by using a few of His faithful workers.

    Always great to hear what God is doing in your neck of the world. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Terence. Would love to see you and Nicole come to Uganda and experience it firsthand!


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