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Next Chapter!




It was her first international flight.  In fact, it was her very first time to see, be on, and travel in an airplane of any kind!  And, her two hour layover in Seattle was too short for her to be processed through U.S. Immigration and Customs.  No problem.  She calmly rescheduled a later flight to Spokane.

Her host family was awaiting her arrival in Spokane ... at the wrong gate!  No problem.  She retrieved her baggage and was waiting ... cool, calm, and collected ... for them to come and welcome her to America and her new life with them in Coure d'Alene, Idaho.

This began the next chapter in Rebecca's dream that is coming true.  It involves a lot of new beginnings.
  • A new country.
  • A new culture.
  • A new context for life .. staying with a new family.
  • A new college ... not just a different one in a new nation, but first time to BE in college.
  • A new climate ... colder than any African could imagine during the winter ... maybe the fall and spring too!
Dinner with Rebecca's host family, the Snyders
This dream come true was orchestrated by God.  Dr. Brian Snyders and his family came to Uganda last March to work with Next Generations Ministries.  This is where they met Rebecca and became interested in helping her pursue an education in medicine. Maren accepted the responsibility for working diligently with North Idaho College for Rebecca's enrollment.  The whole family embraced the responsibility to be Rebecca's host family. Back in Uganda, Daurelle Chapman, made sure everything that could be done to obtain a student visa for Rebecca would be done.  Erik, the director of the new International Student division of NIC worked tirelessly to do what he could to get his first African student enrolled.  It was a team effort and the effort paid off.

"Do these jackets come in an extra small?"
Now Rebecca is adjusting to all the new things.  And, as God would have it, her spiritual parents, Paul & Pam Hunter, had made a scheduled visit at the Snyders home, weeks before anyone knew Rebecca would be in America.  It was a sweet time for all three of them.  The concern about Rebecca's adjustment to a VERY cold winter motivated a trip to Costco for gloves, a sweater, and a coat.

Paul and Pam wanted to tour Prairie Family Medicine, the clinic owned and operated by the Snyders.  The clinic and its staff service the health needs of around 10,000 patients.

Andrew, Brian and Maren firstborn, works in the clinic.  It was obvious from the tour that Rebecca and her native country of Uganda is well known by most of the staff there.  Some of them expressed a desire to come to Uganda.

Rebecca & Pam pay a visit to Andrew's office at the clinic
The Snyders are even working on a return trip to Uganda.  Dr. Brian, like many of the medical professionals who have been part of a medical mission in Uganda, came alive earlier this year during experience in Africa.  He now has many ideas about how to increase the medical options of the poor people of that nation.  It seems obvious that Rebecca's interest in medicine would connect them together.

The Hunters and Maren Snyders  made a trip to the campus of North Idaho College. Rebecca has already begun classes and she joined them on campus.

A tour had been scheduled and was conducted by Erik, the Director of International Students at North Idaho College.  The college has a relatively small enrollment of 3,000.  The campus facility is beautiful and spacious and seems perfect for Rebecca. The brochure, with an aerial view of it's campus, promises "START HERE ... GO ANYWHERE!"

Of course, it is not that easy.  Rebecca will have to complete her general educational requirements over the next year or two and then apply for entrance to the Nursing School.  The competition is strong and the spots in the program are limited.  Rebecca will have to score a minimum of points just to qualify for an interview to enter it.  She was encouraged to take the process a day at a time and do her best with every responsibility given to her.

Some donors have already made a contribution and become a part of this amazing story that God is writing with Rebecca's life.  Their financial contribution has officially put them on REBECCA'S DREAM TEAM.  Her education will require several years of school and Rebecca is trusting God to be her Provider ... though she has no financial resources of her own.  God will use you and others in delivering God's provision as He makes this amazing dream come true.  The last chapter is far from being written, but this is the next chapter.

If you would like to be a part of REBECCA'S DREAM TEAM, please send a check or money order to Next Generation Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  You can also donate with a credit or debit card with the PayPal button on the NGM blog site at

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