Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great Times at the NGM BBQ

The food was delicious.  The fellowship even better.  The weather was perfect.  And, we have a winner!

The annual Next Generation Ministries BBQ was held at the Hunter's home in Colton, Oregon, on August 16th.

Food had been prepared for the previous couple of days. The yard/compound was looking good.  The swimming pool was vacuumed and ready for swimmers.  Tables were decorated with the national colors of Uganda and centered with  Ugandan artifacts.

But, it wasn't the food, the weather, or the swimming that brought all of us together.  It was our common love for Uganda and the work of Next Generation Ministries there.

So many of those attending the BBQ have already made a trip to Uganda to work with Next Generation Ministries.  Many of those have a strong desire to return.  Others were hoping to make their first trip.  And, everyone who entered the drawing for a FREE stay in Uganda for up to two weeks was hoping their name would be drawn!

Some would love to make a short term mission trip to Africa, but for one reason or another, they are unable to. They have become a part of Next Generation Ministries through their prayers and financial contributions.

Charles Eludai & David Ochan of Jinja
Though it would have been special to have a few of our associates attend this annual event, none of them were given visas by the United States Embassy in Kampala.  We did, however, have two young men from Uganda meet at this year's BBQ for their first time. Though both are currently living with their American wives in Oregon, Charles and David came from Jinja.  But they had never met each other on that side. They had to come to America and to the NGM BBQ to meet. They were discovered sitting in a car together and enjoying their native tongue as the became acquainted.

JQ Hunter ... the patriarch
The special guest of the day was Paul Hunter's 92 year old father.  JQ Hunter attended last year's BBQ, but it was after a near death experience.  Last year he was barely able to attend the BBQ without the aid of a walker.  His skin was gray, his eyes dark and vacant, and his movement slow.  This year it is obvious that God did a miracle for which he and all of us are grateful.  He shared a bit and lead us in prayer before the food was served.

So many who attended last year's BBQ were amazed at the stark contrast in the physical condition and appearance of JQ.  But, even more impressive was his outlook on his life and the goodness of God to extend his life.  Many were blessed to be able to get a short visit with him.

Don reads the name of the 2014 WINNER!

The annual BBQ is not only a special time for gathering so many friends of NGM together so the Hunters can thank them for their involvement, but it is also the anniversary of two short term missionaries.  Kristi and Matthew Bellamy met each other for the first time at the BBQ five years ago.  They fell in love and got married.  Tomanya!  (You never know!)

Seven people came from the state of Washington for the BBQ.  Don Neufeld came for his fourth BBQ all the way from Oklahoma.  He was the person who drew the name for this year's winner of the $700 valued, two week stay, all expenses paid (after air fare), trip to Uganda.

Dawson Hunter & Jeff Patterson

This year's winner also happens to be a new member of the Board of Directors of Next Generation Ministries. As the Hunters and the members of the Board grow older, they are looking for younger people to join them. Young men and women who will lend fresh vision and passion to the work in Uganda. Jeff Patterson and Dawson Hunter have been added to the Board of Directors this year. Both of them have worked together before as student campus leaders for Real Life Ministries at Oregon State University.  Now they are connected together again with this new responsibility.  Oh yes.  Before we forget ... Jeff Patterson is this year's WINNER!!

There are so many more people that should be written about who attended the BBQ.  But, that would make this post too long.  How about we just post some photos of them?  Okay!  Enjoy.

Matt & Kristi Bellamy ... celebrating 5 years!
Barb and Jan

Janelle Burke & Charlotte Daniel

Craig, Tim, & Denise Pontius with Pam Hunter

David & Heather's photo from last year
became her FB profile photo
 This is their photo from this year.      


  1. Such a great time getting together and seeing so many, especially YOU, the beloved Hunters, with numerous generations present!

    Looking forward to a future trip to Uganda to join you.

    1. Thank you, Jeff (and Kari), for taking the time to spent a few moments with us at the BBQ. We are anticipating your trip to Uganda ... soon, we hope! Airfares right now can be got for under $1,350!

  2. Wow! Great memories with great people for a great cause!..
    Love u Mom and Dad,,,
    Doris Bukenya

    1. Thanks Doris. Wish you could join us here for one of these BBQ's.

  3. Hullo Papa, it must have been very beautiful, i am catching up here reading about it and guess what? that Charles Eludia is my child hood and teenage long time friend from Jinja Magwa, wauh! what a small world, its been over 10 years since i kast saw Charles, but thanks to the Next Generation Ministries BBQ. Thanks to all of you and God blessssssssssss you all.
    Dennis Masaba G (Jinja)

    1. Pretty amazing Dennis. Glad we could connect you with Charles through NGM.


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