Friday, June 20, 2014

Take The Time

This video was produced by one of the young men and next generation leaders Paul and Pam Hunter have been working with for the past year.  Ezra actually lives with them in their house in Jinja, Uganda.  He has taken them as parents.  The video demonstrates that Ezra has the DNA of Next Generation Ministries.  Ezra is also the co-host of GENERATION 784, the weekly radio program in Africa, that is impacting thousands of listeners with the transcendent message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This video is an audio-visual invitation to TAKE THE TIME to live for something bigger than yourself.  Next Generation Ministries hosts short term mission teams in the third world nation of Uganda.  Providing a variety of opportunities to do something beyond a person's own small world, these missions often result in a heart/life change in those who come from America and always impacts this nation that needs hope.

If you, your family, church, or a group of friends are interested in a life changing, impacting experience in a cross cultural environment for a week or two, please contact Paul Hunter, director of Next Generation Ministries.  Any time of year is available and the costs are reasonable.  Investigate today.


  1. It is so hard to get folks out of their comfort zone. I miss that place so much! I have no way to explain it other than, come and see. (John and I talked fondly of that place and returning just last night) I will be back there in about 6 months. Life is not good where I am, it has imploded, and our hospital is dying. I will do what I can to salvage the situation and feel like I am a "medical missionary" where I am. While trying to open a "clinic" there, we have a dying hospital here. I dream of my time there and the people. (no, really, I have dreams of the villages visited and the patients, and it is peaceful) It gets me through the bad days. It is real medicine, it is love, it is why I have been given the opportunity to be a "doc" in the first place. I can't be there in July, but, we will be there in January!!!!!


    1. In a sense it is a "salvation" for some people and you are one of them. We are blessed to be a part of your journey. We can't wait to have you back in Uganda. You room and bed are ready!


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