Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Put It On Your Schedule

Grab your calender.  It is time for our annual BBQ!  We expect you to expect us to host and sponsor this coming-together-event every year. It is an opportunity for many people associated in some way to NGM to connect. Short term missionaries, board members, donors, and people who just love to eat BBQ ... are all invited!

Maybe you have thought about a trip to Africa.  Maybe you want to investigate being hosted by Next Generation Ministries.  Some who have made a single trip should be in attendance.  Some who have made a dozen or more trips should be in attendance. People from around the United States may be in attendance. Maybe even a Ugandan or two may be in attendance.

Regardless of who attends, we promise to feed you well just like we do every year!

If you are traveling from out of state and need accommodations or transportation to and from the airport, please contact us so we can arrange for it.

This year we are, again, going to give each person in attendance the opportunity to enter the drawing for a FREE two week stay in Uganda.  The winner provides his own round trip airfare to Entebbe Airport and NGM takes care of the rest. The winner of the drawing is free to personally use it or gift it to anyone they desire ... maybe that husband or wife or child or grandchild or friend!

Come early!  Stay late!

August 16, 2014

1:00 PM

The Hunters will provide the food, table service, and beverages.  Bring yourself, your family, a friend, and some lawn chairs if you are so inclined.  We look forward to reconnecting and meeting new people.

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