Thursday, May 15, 2014

Is It YOUR Turn?

 QUESTION: Do you have any idea how much Americans spend eating out annually ... just for LUNCH?

ANSWER: According to Forbes, research shows that American spend just under $1,000 annually eating lunch out?

Okay ... that's food.  You are right.  And, we all know that food ranks right up there with water and sleep.  It's not really optional.

Next question.

QUESTION: Do you have any idea how much Americans spend on movies annually?  A few may contend that movies are just as essential as food, water, and sleep.  But, not many and those won't be taken seriously.

ANSWER: According to, As a whole, Americans spend 9 billion dollars each year on movies.  This includes renting and viewing in movie theaters.  The average household will spend around $600 each year just on entertainment.

Too many people never venture very far, very often, outside of their little kingdom of one where they are their own king and the entire citizenship all wrapped up into one.  And, where, as the king, they get to make all the rules and regulations of their kingdom.  The options are many.  Could it be too many of those options are wasted on that little kingdom?

This is an opportunity to move beyond the boundaries of a life lived too small.  Is it YOUR turn to take this opportunity?  Please read on.

Robert ... limited options!
Please allow me to introduce my 14 year old friend to you.  His name is Robert (a VERY popular name here in Uganda) and he is "just there" as we often say here in Africa.  This phrase means that he has nothing to do. He has not been in school.  He is just there.

Last year Robert finished his Primary 7 schooling. This is one of the really big achievements in the educational structure of Uganda, just before a student is entitled to enroll in High School (called Secondary School here in Uganda).  Every graduate of P7 must take a national exam and ALL scores are published for public viewing.  The scoring is similar to golf.  The lower the score, the better.  Candidates are ranked as First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Failing.  Robert scored a 9 which is a VERY HIGH score and placed him near the top of First Grade.

Now for the sad news.  Robert has never known his mother.  His father is HIV positive and, until he was sacked, was a guard at one of the well known churches of Jinja.  The father is undisciplined and irresponsible which led to the loss of his job.  But Robert doesn't stay with his father anyway.  He lives with an uncle since the father isn't mature enough to care for his son.  But, Robert does not even have a mattress on which to sleep.  He only has a blanket with which to cover himself at night.

Rose ... big heart of compassion & concern
Now for the good news.  There is a very active woman at this church, named Rose, who took notice of Robert. Her daughter, Fiona, is a friend of our daughter Rebecca.  Last Sunday Rose asked me if I would consider the need of this young boy named Robert.  As she told me about his circumstances AND his brilliant mind I began to sense the heart of God our Father for a young man who is not being fathered.

It seems that Robert's potential should not go to waste.  It seems the heart of our Heavenly Father would gather some of His children to see if they can't express His heart in enrolling Robert in school.  He had already activated Rose with compassion and concern.  Who courageously approached me about finding resources and a school.

My connections with high schools are limited, but I serve on the board of Fountain of Hope Schools, which is the BEST performing school in all of Kayunga District.  Next Generation Ministries has been involved with the Primary and Secondary Schools from the beginning.  I called the Head Master of the High School and told him about Robert.  I shared that we have no money, but we have a brilliant student who scored exceptionally high in the P7 National Exam.  I explained that he missed the whole first term of his Senior 1 level.  The Head Master told me that it would be no problem for a student of Robert's caliber to catch up.  AND, that we could start Robert in Fountain of Hope High School next Monday, the first day of the second term.  Even if we don't have a single coin to pay for his education ... if I would look for money.

Rose & Robert in the shop where she sells sweets
This is where YOU may come in.  Is it your turn to join God's team to express the Kingdom of God in adding the option of school to Robert's life?  I'm sure that you are aware of all the options most Westerners have.  Sure, there are poor and suffering people in America, but not like here in Africa.  Here most people spend less than $6 a year on entertainment ... and that is to pay 40 cents to watch football (soccer) on television somewhere in a restaurant, theater, or hotel.

Why not live for something outside of your kingdom?  Something inside of HIS Kingdom?  Why not help fund the schooling of Robert through Next Generation Ministries?  Robert will need $200 per term to cover his school fees, room, and board.  There are three terms in a school year from January through December.  There are, of course, two terms left in 2014.  He also needs a mattress and other items (approximately $125) that will allow him to enter the boarding section of Fountain of Hope Schools.

HERE IS YET ANOTHER OPTION FOR YOU ... write a check in any amount to Next Generation Ministries (NGM) and mail it to NGM, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  Please write Robert on the memo line.  Let's see what we can do together!


  1. We will take the first term + the basics = $325

    1. Thanks so much! Tomorrow we will move out and start purchasing all the school items Robert will need for his new home for the next three months ... Fountain of Hope High School! Welcome to this team the Lord is assembling.


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