Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Official!

Sometimes God doesn't provide much of a road map when He starts us a new journey.  Sometimes He only provides a compass ... points us in a certain direction.  He doesn't tell us how long the journey will take.  He doesn't tell us how many challenges we will face along the way.  He doesn't tell us who will travel with us.

But, He does promised that HE will travel with us. He loves to give us challenges that require dependence and faith for the journey and all that it will entail.  He knows that should be enough for us.  Sometimes we mistakenly conclude that if we don't know the exact itinerary from beginning to end ... well, we may as well just stay put and wait until we know more.

This blog is about one of those journeys we are currently on.

The last straw was when I was told the impatient doctor not only told my petite friend that she was too short to give birth to her baby, but he slapped her on the thigh, abused her verbally, and also pushed the baby out from the top manually!  That was 2007.  A dream or a vision was born that day. I have since believed that one of the things NGM should do is provide a compassionate and friendly environment for mothers to give birth to their babies with dignity.

Last year the Lord provided some money to Next Generation Ministries for the purpose of purchasing land on which we could build a a Women's Health Clinic.  Land in Bugembe was purchased.  Not only does it have the kind of space we need to build the clinic, with an amazing view of Lake Victoria, but it also has a three bedroom, two bath house on it!

While we had no idea how this project would go or if it would reach it's destination, we were convinced that it was a God journey.  We had to start and we have had to travel this journey step by step.

First we had the dream, but gave up on it when God delayed for five years in giving us the next step.  Then He poured out provisions to purchase the land.  Then we waited some more.  Step three came when God, again, when God provided provision for construction of the clinic itself.  But, I've never designed a medical facility or constructed or overseen the construction of any type of building in Uganda.  And administration is NOT my thing.

Step four came when a visitor to our house, on his way to Soroti to construct a building, and he informed us that he would be delighted to design the facility!  He is a retired Naval Commander and now, in his retirement, an architect!

The most recent step came just a few weeks ago.  I am too busy to oversee such an ambitious project with all the other work and relationships that I have.  When I discovered that Dale and Daurelle Chapman would finish their commitment to Morning Star Foundation in Kampala the end of May, we asked if they would like to consider becoming the Directors of the NGM Women's Clinic.

Dale & Daurelle Chapman with the Hunters
We are excited to announce that it is official!. They will begin working with us June 1st. Pam and I are returning to the States for a minimum of three months.  During the summer, Dale and Daurelle will be moving into our home in Jinja, and finish and furnish the house on the Women's Clinic property. They will move into that house once we return from the States.

In the meantime, Dale will be organizing, overseeing construction, staffing, and administering the Women's Clinic.  We are excited about this last step the Lord has directed us to take.  And we dependently ... and patiently? ... wait for His next step.


  1. *sniff* I'm happy about all this! It's right up your alley, Dad and Mom. And as a mother, I am so glad about what you're working on!

    1. It's a sign of your passion for the Kingdom of God when you encourage your parents to serve Him 10,000 miles away from you and their grandchildren. Thanks for sharing you mother and dad for the sake of His glory.

    2. Sometimes sharing is easier than other times. In this instance, it's harder than most anything but incredibly easy at the same time. I'm grateful that distance won't keep loved ones apart in heaven! And I am very eagerly looking forward to seeing them this fall.

  2. Wow! We are so happy to hear that you guys will be overseeing and participating in this ministry. What a blessing you will be and what blessings you will receive. "God pour out Your abundance upon this Women's Clinic." John and Karen

    1. Thanks John and Karen for supporting Dale and Daurelle in this new adventure and assignment.

  3. I am so happy for both the Chapmans and for NGM. I know that the Lord's light will be shed abroad in that new facility. Will be praying for all.

  4. This is so neat you guys. I suspect you thought you were coming back to Oregon. God is funny like that. Just when we think WE have things figured out He surprises us. Isn't life great when God knows best for us!! and Durelle, who would have ever thought you would be doing this. I am so happy for both of you. It was meant to be and will be praying for you all as you enter your new journey.

  5. Yes, Barb, following Jesus always carries surprises, adventures, challenges, and blessings. Thanks for celebrating with the Chapmans.


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