Sunday, February 23, 2014


Next Generation Ministries continues its growing pains. More relationships result in more responsibilities. More relationships seem to breed more projects.

Elisha Ezra .. our digital go to guy!
Land has been purchased for the Women's Clinic and building plans are being drafted. Animals have been added to the NGM Farm.  GENERATION 784, the NGM radio program, has completed two months of broadcasts.

Without people taking initiative and responsibility the workload would bury Pam and Paul, the directors of Next Generation Ministries.

Elisa Ezra has been one among many gifts the Lord has provided for the Hunters to do this work. He has designed and managed the NGM website, assisted Lillian with the Radio programs, and opened Facebook pages for Next Generation Ministries, NGM Farm, and GENERATION 784.

Ezra is a son to the Hunters, lives with them, and owns a business called GTS Consult in Jinja, Uganda.  The video above is his latest effort to increase the awareness of the vision of Next Generation Ministries.  We hope it helps you understand better what NGM is all about too.


  1. Wow !!! Ezra is really gifted, his work is very impressive. Sounds like he is truly a Godsend to you and your ministry there, and you & Pam to him as well. I hope I get to meet him someday. It blesses my heart to know I have grandchildren on the other side of the world whom I haven't even met yet , that are loving and serving the same God as Me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Mom. He is a gift and has a genuine heart for the vision and mission of Next Generation Ministries.

  2. That's awesome. Can we listen from here?

    1. Thanks for the inquiry. Ezra just found out that we can purchase a service for $5 a month that will allow us to have the radio program streamed from anywhere in the world. We are going to get it done ASAP.


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