Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Farms & Bands

They couldn't seem more different to most.

Farms are all about animals and agriculture. Farms make one think about dirt and dung. And about having a rural or up country location. About fences and crops. Sowing seed. Reaping harvests.

Bands are all about music and art. Bands make one think about singers and instruments. About concerts and radio. Or CD's, MP3s, iPods, and headphones. Dancing, relaxing, and maybe worshiping.

So ... what do farms and bands have in common?

Just about a week ago, I spoke to nine individuals of the next generation about becoming a part of NGM Live Band.  We have never had a band.  Whenever we wanted to provide some live music we have always utilized musicians and bands from around us. Why do we need to start yet another thing for Next Generation Ministries?

For the same reason we started the Next Generation Ministries Farm last year.

I'm always a little surprised when I discover that people don't really get what NGM is all about.  I shouldn't be. The normal thing is for a work like ours to have organization, systems, structure, methods, and even titles.  What I've discovered is that the DNA of Next Generation Ministries is distinctive.

Many will share that NGM is all about relationships. And repeat our four goals of encouraging, equipping, empowering, and releasing.  But, they don't really grasp the heart and soul of Next Generation Ministries.

I spent 90 minutes in our meeting with potential band members attempting to discover if they understood why we wanted to form a band.  It is NOT so that we can do concerts and and provide other venues for them to play music.  In fact, we were not looking for singers and musicians as much as we were looking for those who really get what NGM is all about.

NGM is about empowering the next generation.  It is working to see that each individual we are privileged to work with becomes all that God intended them to become.  It is providing environments and relationship with them that will assist them in their development as people ... as sons of God. The band is just another context in which we can disciple the next generation.

So, here we go again.  Not with another project, but just another arena in which we can influence. Perhaps many would want to be in a band, driven by various motives, but we are looking for members who have a sense of our DNA and want to take advantage of it.  Along the way they may write some music, play some music, and even record some music.  But, it not our goal.

Whether on a farm or in a band, Paul put the goal of NGM in these words:
Oh my dear children!  I feel as if I'm going through labor pains for you again, and they will continue until Christ is fully developed in your lives.  (Galatians 4:19)


  1. Good job Paul. I can see NGM having a band, in fact i'm really excited about it. Having been there i realize the importance of music to their culture, I think it's important to every culture. After all it's a beautiful gift from God. Some abuse it as they do many other gifts from God, but I think it was meant to bless us in many ways and Worship being at the top. So may God bless your endeavor and I pray many will catch the fire.and come on board. Love you, Jaja Jeannie

  2. May God's Spirit continue to move among God's sons through yielded vessels. Enroll me as a "cheer leader".


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