Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Diversity Works

Today we huddled together in a small room stuffed to the rafters with sophisticated and technical equipment.  There were two groups blending within and around the machines.  At first we weren't aware that there was a difference.  The longer we stayed together the more aware we became of the distinction.

Finally one of the young men spoke up and pointed to another one.  He said, "This guy is lost in the middle of the sugar cane.  At least I'm on the edge of the plantation near the road."  This is an African way of communicating that these two guys in the room were totally lost as to what was happening in it.  The vocal one is a driver by vocation and the one he spoke of is a farmer.

Apples and oranges are both fruits.  But they are really different fruits.  We were all people, but there was a pretty distinct difference between us.  And, for that, we are grateful and more fruitful ... no pun intended.

The room we were in is not called a room.  It is called a recording studio. Nestled in the backyard of Jinja, far from Kampala, where most people believe customers must go for quality audio production, it was a perfect environment for our day's work.

Isaac ... creative Managing Director of 89.8 VOB FM
There were seven of us in the studio: The first group was composed of the owner and producer, John, his assistant producer Rogers, gospel recording artist and moderator of our soon coming radio program, Lillian, and the Managing Director of 89.8 VOB FM, Isaac.  The second group was composed of the NGM driver of our vehicle, Peter, the NGM farm manager, Edgar, and me.

Even though the difference between these two groups was as diverse as apples are to oranges, it worked. Everyone was free to be creative, opinionated, and dogmatic, but the technological process of putting the pieces together was lost on Peter and Edgar.  They are two members of the NGM Board of Directors, explaining why they were there. Though they were peripheral, their presence was supportive and helpful.

It was a productive time as those directly involved in our radio project created ideas. tag lines, copy, and voice overs for five promo spots.  These promos will air on 89.8 FM until January 5th when GENERATION 784 will launch its first program.

Edgar ... NGM Farm Manager ... doing what he loves
Peter got us all to the studio and returned us to Jinja in his vehicle after four diligent hours of work in the studio.  We left the producers in the studio to take the edges off the recorded sound bites and make the promos smooth and radio worthy.  No one else drove. Just Peter.

Edgar wanted to get back to Jinja so he could go out the farm and check on the 10 new animals that joined our farm last week. He is more comfortable injecting those magnificent animals with antibiotics and giving them worm medicine.  No one seemed interested in going with him.

The farm and the radio program have been added to the Women's Health Clinic as new venues for impacting and influencing the nation of Uganda.  We trust these efforts will be strategic as we work to change this nation ... one person at a time.  Six months ago none of these targets were in the cross hairs of our scope. We are convinced that the Lord birthed these projects. We don't want to rush ahead as we are reminding ourselves that hurry is not a part of the character of God.  But, at the same time, we are just as convinced that we have to be diligent in our part to make it all work. (Psalm 127)

NONE of this would be happening in these three diverse areas without others believing in us. People have graciously contributed significant sums of money for the development of all of these efforts.  We are grateful. And, we are amazed.  I compare it to surfing.  God is making the waves and offering us the opportunity to get our boards and get up on the water for the ride of our life.

This diverse group of people came together this morning and it worked.  We all left each other with a sense of accomplishment and returned to our specific areas of function.

We are grateful to the Lord. and to ALL of you who wish to remain nameless, but have contributed to these efforts.  We believe that your giving is an expression that you want to be involved in something bigger than yourself.  You are our heroes.

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