Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Viewer Discretion Advised

Olivia, Edward, Pharidah and Grace
Some may question the advisability of this blog.  I have gone back and forth.  Should I write this and post it or not?  Should I include the gruesome photographs or not?

I'm not sure of the right answer, but I've decided I must.  And, leave the opinions to any who read this.  It was just two days ago that I wrote about the delightful development of purchasing land for the NGM Women's Clinic and wrote about my 18 year old friend and mother, Olivia.

This short story and blog is clear evidence of a need for the clinic.  Viewer discretion is advised beyond this point.

Late last night I made a long distance to Dr. Klinger in Oklahoma.  He had seen the photo of Olivia's damaged and diseased foot in the previous blog.  He cautioned me that he could not made a diagnosis from 10,000 miles away.  He encouraged me to go with my heart and consult the surgeon who had been attending to Olivia.  I call Dr. Ashra and he concurred with Dr. Klinger.

Early this morning I read James 1:5.  It promised that anyone who needed wisdom should ask of the Lord who would give it liberally.  The only condition to receiving wisdom was to do so with faith and not waver.

I collected Peter, the driver for NGM, and Edgar, the manager of our farm and we drove deep into the village to inform Olivia and her mother that she needed surgery.  A phone call to our friend Pharidah resulted in a loving care giver who would be with Olivia through the whole ordeal.

Late this afternoon Peter carried Olivia up two flights of stairs at Ray of Hope Clinic in Ntinda, a suburb of Kampala, and we got a third opinion consistent with Dr. Klinger and Dr. Ashra.  Olivia will sleep in the clinic until morning and have nothing to eat or drink after 10 PM.

Peter and I will collect Olivia and Pharidah, along with five month old Edward and 9 month old Grace ... both being nursed by Olivia and Pharidah ... and we will drive over to International Hospital Kampala.  All three doctors agree that the dead tissue and exposed bone in Olivia's right foot has pushed her past a transmetatarsal amputation.  Dr. Ashra will admit Olivia and tomorrow afternoon she will receive a BKA (below knee amputation).

Olivia will lose her foot, but her son Edward should grow up knowing his mother.  The need is urgent and the solution is grim and regrettable ... but necessary.  It's been a tough day for me emotionally, but my faith has not wavered.

The surgery and post op stay  in the hospital could run as high at $2,000.  If you would like to be a  part of this effort to save Olivia's life you may contribute to Next Generation Ministries through the PayPal donation button on this blog site or send a check to NGM, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  Any funds contributed to this need that go beyond the actual expense will be used for other medical needs by needy patients without financial resources.


  1. Rest tonight because tomorrow will be a big day. They will take good care of her at IHK. BKA is actually a little easier to recover than a transmet. She will be OK now. A few more days or weeks, without the surgery, she would die of diffuse sepsis. She was running out of time. You are doing the right thing. I'm glad you were there to step up and take care of her. Matthew 25:40

    Her life will be a testimony to a Loving God and she will touch many people.

    See you soon. (7 1/2 weeks but, I'm not counting)
    Love Ya' Paul,

  2. You were right. It WAS a big day. And, it was not easy. Arrived back in Jinja around midnight. Everything went smoothly except getting Olivia out of recovery and into her ward, resulting in the late night trip back home. I've written about the challenge of the day in the next blog. Without your encouragement I may have been not had the courage to go ahead with what has been one of the most difficult challenges I've faced. Now we have to figure out how to go about arranging for the best environment possible for a complete healing from the surgery. Two of the biggest needs is for someone committed to helping her with the lack of bowel control and a medical person qualified to care for the surgery wound after Olivia's discharge from the hospital.

    Love you man,

  3. I just cry for her loss, Paul. I am so glad for your presence there for her. Never hesitate to expose us to the great needs there. Especially for Americans, we need to not be "shielded" from painful realities where we can be of help. And the need for perspective....always.


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