Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hard To Believe!

Apprehension ... anxiety or fear that something bad will happen.

Yeah.  I think that's the word I'm looking for. My journey from home to the hospital began like most others.  This is Africa so delays beyond the expected departure time is normal.  So are unexpected changes.  And, things usually take longer than normal.  None of those things disturb me anymore.  It'a hard to be apprehensive about what I'm certain will most likely happen.

But, this was the first time Olivia's mother was traveling with me.  She came from deep in the village to the capital city of Kampala.  The plan was for her to be Olivia's primary care giver after her discharge from the hospital.  I was apprehensive because I was unsure about the reaction of either or both of them to Olivia's amputation.

Olivia & her mother
To my surprise, I found a bright-eyed, glowing face on Olivia.  She was delighted to see me and surprised to see her mother.  But, we were not the source of her happy countenance.  It's faith in a faithful God and His grace that is sufficient.

Olivia is now recuperating in the boy's house in our compound.  Her mother and baby, Edward, are with her.  NGM hired a nurse to come three times a day for physical therapy, make sure she takes her medicine, follows the doctor's order for diet, and redresses the wound every 48 hours.  Next Generation Ministries is also providing medical treatment for Edward,  who has a serious case of malaria, and food for the family.

Olivia's surgeon, Dr. Ashra, is very pleased with the way the surgery went and the condition of the wound it left.  He was more than happy that Olivia would have daily medical care and therapy. Obadiah, Olivia's nurse, was instructed by Dr. Ashra on care for the wound.  NGM provided medical resources for him as well.  The concern, of course, is that the wound will heal without infection and that the skin will close over it.  Olivia, though intimidated by the surgery room initially, has turned out to be a curious and constant participator in her adventure, thoroughly engaged in the process.  She is amazing.  It's hard to believe we are now in the home stretch.

Olivia with her surgeon
The staff at the International Hospital Kampala has been wonderful, regardless of whether it was reception, surgical or ward nurses, cashiers, customer care, of financial aid.  (A discount was negotiated since this is the third surgery and all patients would not have had medical treatment without a sponsor like Next Generation Ministries.)

Donations have come in to cover the expenses of the surgery and post operative care.  It's been a team effort and we are grateful for all of you who have participated in this effort.  It wasn't just the surgery that required financial resources.  Transportation to and from Kampala, care givers, lab work, food to feed everyone involved required funds ... but, all expenses have been covered and all we can say is "thank you!"

I've included a short video clip from the day Olivia was discharged.  Just thought you might like to see the girl who you have been praying for and standing with.  Hope you enjoy it and it brings her a bit closer to home.


  1. Sometimes the healing of the Lord presents itself in many ways and through many means. It sounds to me that Olivia is learning to discover the JOY OF THE LORD is her STRENGTH. It also sounds like the Father of all good things has found used open and willing hearts through whom He could walk in our world and change our lives. Thanks for the obedient children who share LIGHT in the darkness.
    Cousin and Brother, thank you for your obedience and service. I rejoice with you in these things.
    New email and phone: - 918-8-508-1843

    1. Good insight, Tom. And, great to hear from you along with your new email and phone number. I'm make sure that your Uncle JQ and Carolyn get both. Love you much, Paul


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