Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bring Christmas To Uganda

I've celebrated Christmas 66 times.  Most of them in America.  Often referred to as the land of plenty.  Some may argue that the land of excess may describe it better.

Not long ago, Americans celebrated Halloween. A friend sent me a report that Americans spent $300 million on costumes alone ... for their PETS!   Seems excessive, extravagant, confusing, and somehow ridiculous.

There is a stark contrast between Christmas in a developed nation, like America, and Christmas in a poor nation, like Uganda.  What an amazing opportunity for followers of Christ who live and enjoy the land of plenty called America.

Next Generation Ministries is not a large charity compared to most who are working diligently to provide more options to third world nations.  I'm a supporter of World Vision, but with 26,000 employees worldwide, they could make us appear to be insignificant.  We don't have goats, cows, or chickens to offer you as gifts to help a poor child in Uganda.

But, we are committed to seeing the small nation of Uganda change ... one person at a time.  We want to see development in this country.  Many help us work to encourage, equip, empower and release the next generation of Ugandans as citizens of a New Creation, with Kingdom of God values, who are following Jesus and not asking Jesus to follow them.

One of our Ugandan associates worked hard over the past several weeks to produce a colorfully attractive Christmas catalog.  We wanted you to have a beautifully designed catalog complete with photos and descriptions so you could choose some gifts for the efforts of NGM this Christmas.  But, we have been stymied over and over again with software and security issues (seems America is aware of the deceptive nature of many Africans) and so we have distilled our catalog down to a single simple page which gives you a choice to bless NGM Uganda with some of your Christmas giving.  I'm going to do that ... hope my kids and grand kids are excited about that! ... and I invite you to do it as well.

For quick, simple, and efficient shopping click on this link for our 2013 Christmas Catalog.

To enjoy the diligent work of our Ugandan web developer and manager click on this link.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty with the financial links if you gift NGM electronically. We are attempting to do this from a third world nation.

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