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NGM Road Trip 2013


That's the one word description Jeff uttered to describe his cross cultural experience he shared with me over the past 7 weeks.  Jeff Kasigwa was one of the fortunate Ugandans who was granted a two year visa to the United States.  Many apply.  Precious few are chosen.

Jeff arrived in Oregon equipped with his CD and an imagination of what life would be like for him in America. He discovered that raccoon in Mississippi was delicious, but shrimp in California was definitely NOT his food. He was willing to take nearly any risk of new adventures, but declined Don Neufeld's invitation for an airplane ride in a four seat Cessna.  He saw a lot of beautiful country and enjoyed the travel and variety that life offered in so many places.  He began new relationships and built seasoned ones.  And, Jeff has discovered that life in Uganda is simple compared to the options and demands of life in America.

What kind of new food is this!?!
We made a good team.  Jeff is quiet and rumor has it that I'm a "talker."  As we traveled I always wanted him to perform more of his music and he always wanted me to share more about how the Lord uses us in Uganda.  I sold more CD's for him than he brought with him.  Josh Robinson of Pocatello, Idaho, had to produce 56 more for us so we could have them on hand for our NGM promotional tour of the rest of our Pacific Northwest tour and then on to Oklahoma.  He remains with less than 10 left in his bag!

Back in Africa we live in a city of 210,000 according to Google. But, as far as we know, Jeff's newly organized Ultimate Worship School of Music is the only music school in Jinja.  NGM is committed to encouraging, equipping, empowering and releasing the next generation of Ugandans to be all that God means them to be.  Jeff's passion is music.  It was a privilege to recommend Jeff as a person, a believer in Jesus Christ, husband, father, musician, and associate of NGM as we traveled 2,745 miles together in the Pacific Northwest.

We visited individuals, families, and churches in Idaho, Washington, and Montana attempting to increase the awareness of what God is doing in Uganda.  Jeff and I had less than 24 hours between the end of our two week road trip in the Pacific Northwest and our flight to Oklahoma.  Pam and Robyn accompanied us for the past weeks in Oklahoma.

It was fun.  It was challenging.  It was exhausting.  It was rewarding.  It was fulfilling.

Jeff addresses youth in Pocatello, Idaho
Pam and I are committed to the core of our vision to use the resources we have to develop the next generation in Uganda ... through relationship.

God has gifted us with special relationships with some amazing individuals who have great dreams and visions for their nation.  Betty and Abdu Wasswa are making a terrific impact in Mbiiko with their school, Rock of Ages, through Hands 4 Uganda of Pocatello, Idaho.  Robert and Sarah Sityo have grown a primary and secondary school to over 1,000 students in Bukeeka with the help of Grace Giving International.  These Ugandan ministries have well established relationships with these two fine American organizations.  Though they need little from us directly now, it is great to see their development and maturity.  They are SO far from where they began.

A ride in the country with Uncle Don
The longer we live in Uganda the more relationships we enjoy.  We have many ministries that still need and/or desire our input.  Many of them need financial resources to be successful.  And, it was an honor to present these needs on our promotional tour. Since you may not have been a part of that experience, we want to make you aware of the opportunity to be a part of some of these efforts.  Please become a part of one or more of the following developments.

Sera's Caring Place.  Sera provides a place for neglected and orphaned children.  Her immediate need is for rent and school fee funds.  She also has some debt on the vehicle she recently purchased for use with the children.

Pastor David & Sarah Waisana.  David and Sarah have 5 biological children and have taken in 20 more children.  They are a real family and have all the needs that any family that size would need. The church that David has pastored for years gathers in a rented facility.  The landlord is pushing them out and they need to find another location to either rent or purchase.

NGM Farm Project.  Edgar is the farm manager and visionary.  God has provided funds to double the size of the farm.  A broker is currently negotiating the terms of that purchase.  The farm always welcomes contributions for the purchase of additional dairy cows.  In addition to generating income and providing jobs, the farm distributes cows to worthy recipients with the stipulation that the first heifer born to their animal is returned to NGM.  It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Kwagala Ministries International.  Raoul Mugosa is the founder and director of this home and family for 10 former street boys.  This work is under a year old and has all the start up expenses you would expect.  Only one or two of these boys have ever been in school.  Consequently, Raoul has hired teachers to come in for home schooling to prepare them for campus education on a level with their peers.  NGM has allowed the use of their van for the past several months for transportation, but a vehicle needs to be purchased.

Women in Crisis.  Lyzette Kasigwa founded this ministry a year ago this past July after she and her husband Jeff lost a son at Jinja Main Hospital.  He survived for about an hour and half after being taken by Cesarean.  Out of that tragic death the ministry of Women In Crisis was birthed.  Many women have benefited from the work of Lyzette since that time.  The latest was a young woman who gave birth to her first born, but after being given an epidural ... in the wrong place!  She is paralyzed from the waist down and is learning to be a mother without even a wheel chair.  Funds have been promised to purchase land within Jinja to construct a Women's Clinic.  Some seed money was recently donated for the construction of the clinic.  We are trusting the Lord for $35,000 for the construction of  the building for the clinic.

Please chose to become a part of one of these ministries.  Write your check(s) to Next Generation Ministries and mail them to 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  NGM is a registered Not For Profit Corporation with the IRS and will issue tax deductible receipts for your contribution. One time or regular monthly donations are welcome.

I took some of Jeff's photos and videos and put it with one of his songs titled Holy Is the Lord.  The music video has been included with this blog.  Click on the link below to give it a listen.  Hope you enjoy it.  The NGM office in Oregon also has Jeff's CD titled THANK YOU available for a $10 donation.  All proceeds from these donations will go to develop Jeff's school of music.

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