Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Enter to WIN

an all expense paid stay in Africa!

This prize will be awarded at a drawing on Saturday, August 24, 2013, at the Next Generation Ministries BBQ in Colton, Oregon.

Anyone may win.  Even if you have no plans to travel to Uganda, you may enter to win and gift your 2 week voucher ($750 Value) to anyone of your choice as long as the recipient plans to make their trip before September 1, 2014.

You purchase your own airfare. But ... from the time you land at Entebbe International Airport until the time you depart, Next Generation Ministries covers ALL of your expenses ... transportation, lodging and meals.  Lodging must be at the NGM Guest House in Jinja, Uganda ... complete with internet and hot showers!

Don't miss this great opportunity to experience a third world culture.  You may already be part of a short term mission team planning on a trip within the next 12 months.  Or, you have only been dreaming about this kind of trip and this financial advantage just may be the thing to finalize your commitment.  OR, you may know someone who has no idea how they will pay for their airfare AND accommodations in Uganda ... simply give them your winning voucher.

You don't need to be present to win ... but you must be present sometime during the BBQ to enter your name for the drawing on Saturday.


  1. Remind this forgetful mother what time the BBQ is at? Also, will the pool be open for play?

    1. The BBQ begins at 1:00 PM, but you can come anytime Saturday afternoon.

      YES ... the swimming pool will be open. Please bring your suits and towels.

    2. No skinny dipping, eh? But I'll do even better than suits and towels - I will also bring swim diapers. Though I have enough to share, sadly, I don't believe I have any in your size. (feeling silly this morning)

  2. Well this might get Dean to travel there . Haha


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