Saturday, July 13, 2013

Revisiting Boot Camp

Soon Pam and I will be leaving America for home in Uganda. This video helps us prepare.

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  1. Thanks Paul. I am not sure there is no plan other than A,even though I want plan A to work. To start with the disclaimer, I don't know anything and then continue anyway, I have been more and more persuaded that we have exchanged Christianity for what I call Americanism, much like Bonhoeffer wrote to his grandmother in the late 1930s when he said the choice was between Germanism and Christianity. If I lived in any other country say England, I would say the choice is between Enlishism (I think I made a word up) and Christianity. I don't say this because I hate my country. I say it with sadness because I love my country even though I am ashamed of me and it. I say this not from some safe distance at something I am not a part of but from within the heart of it. I don't expect perfection,but I hope for repentance and that we would help each other continually be turning to and following Jesus. It does seem to me that what is most dangerous to us wherever we live out our call to follow Jesus is the things we no longer see. I guess what could be worse is seeing and not obeying. Usually when I try to express what is in my heart, I become afraid that either I won't be able to communicate it properly or I will communicate very clearly what I truly believe which is not what I think I believe. Anyway God bless you all at Next Generation Ministry.


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