Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let Me Try Again

Actions have consequences.

This truth was a necessary, but challenging foundation stone established early in my life by my parents and underscored by teachers, coaches, friends, and experience itself. When the consequences are unpleasant or distasteful it is common for many to begin looking in all directions for someone else to take the blame.

Today the finger is pointed directly at me ... and I want to accept responsibility.

Sera Kasonga - Director of Sera's Caring Place
Early this year I got excited about the impact donors of Next Generation Ministries were making in the lives of Ugandans and their ministries.  After casually reading the 2012 tax report filed with the Unites States Government I correctly concluded that the "big winner" last year was Sera's Caring Place.  BUT, I incorrectly concluded the amount of the financial contributions made.  It was no small mistake.  Instead it was nearly a $20,000 mistake.  In my rush to encourage donors with the good news of how they were helping this home for former street children, I failed to check out my figures with our bookkeeper.

Fortunately, a caring and business minded reader knocked on our door with an inquiry regarding the accuracy of my blog and motivated us to dig deeper for the accurate figures.  Realizing that the inflated figure I reported earlier this year may affect the attitude and/or actions of donors to Sera's Caring Place, it is necessary to accept responsibility for this error and make an effort to correct it.  Made in a public forum required that it be corrected in public.

I have privately asked for and received forgiveness from Sera for this mistake and promised to report the actual figures from last years donations to NGM on behalf of her home.  Here is my report:
  • A total of $29,320.46 was donated to Next Generation Ministries to distribute to Sera's Caring Place.
  • A total of $15,247.49 was actually given to Sera's Caring Place in 2012.
  • Out of the funds sent to The Caring Place the rent on their house for the entire year was able to be paid.
  • In addition, all school fees, school supplies, and boarding fees were paid for the year.
Next Generation Ministries continues to be conduit for donors who support Sera and the home she provides for her children. This year, 2013, donors continue to help Sera with these expenses.  In addition $10,000 was given Sera's Caring Place toward the purchase of a vehicle to transport the children.

It takes a lot of money to sustain a home of 26 growing boys and girls.  Please consider donating funds to Next Generation Ministries for these needs, including additional funds for a vehicle that will be suitable for their needs.  Contributions may be received through PayPal here on our website or checks may be mailed to Next Generations Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.

I am so sorry about any hurt this may have been to Sera, her children and staff, or any confusion it created in donors to this work.  Please accept my apology.


  1. "...privately asked for and received forgiveness..."
    I guess you need to be careful when it comes to money... I doubt any one will see this as anything but an accounting error, a human mistake. When I read this, my first thought was the title of a book written by George Stephanopous, All too Human. I know, a weird association. Just rest assured that the association doesn't extend beyond the title since the book was about Bill Clinton and his "humanity." :)

    It's a great work you're doing. God bless you guys.


  2. To error is human to forgive is Divine. Keep on trucking for our LORD and all the children you and Pam live to see in God's care.



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