Thursday, July 25, 2013

Challenges Bring Changes and Changes Bring Challenges

Some things should never change, but most things must.  And ... it is time for another change complete with challenges.

Next Generation Ministries began with a vision, but not much of a blueprint.  It began with a compass, pointed in the right direction, but without a road map.  The journey, while delightful, is still invigorating with both adventure and challenge.

We have made a major change this year and we invite you to be a part of it!  If we wanted to go fast we would go alone.  But, since we want to go far we want to go together.

It's not easy.  Buying land in Uganda, that is. To verify that the "seller" is really the landowner can be a challenge.  Other times the owner or person claiming to be the owner can sell the land to more than one person.  Or, one or more of the relatives or heirs may want to make a claim to the land.  Like I said.  It ain't easy!

Walking the farm
Sometimes it is after we give up that we see God move.  And we get surprised.  Multiple attempts to find land, and at a fair price, always ended in frustration or suspicion.  We gave up.  That must have given God room to move in and flex His muscles.  In a period of two weeks time the perfect piece of land was discovered by a land broker (confirmed by associates of NGM) and the deal protected by a lawyer who happens to be a man of integrity.  The new owners offered their land to Next Generation Ministries to be used as a farm.  The land is fenced for cattle and is complete with feeding and watering stations

Edgar ... NGM Farm Manager
Abdu Wasswa gets credit for much of the training I received in the way of Uganda culture.  Pam and I were privileged to live with him, and his family, for four years.  When a 6th grade class of students decided to raise money for a cow several years ago, the "COW PROJECT" of NGM was born.  Abdu faithfully and effectively assisted with the care and distribution of quality Friesian dairy cows for NGM.  Patterned after the strategy of Heifer International, recipients of these cows maintain their dignity in owning their dairy cow by returning the first heifer, born to their cow, to Next Generation Ministries.  This enables the project to be the gift that keeps on giving as the young heifers are raised up, bred, and given to another recipient.  Abdu has now developed to such an extent in his own farming and business enterprises that NGM felt it was a good time for a change.  He will be free to pursue the many demands of his growing businesses and Next Generation Ministries can face some new challenges.

Edgar explains farming to the NGM driver Peter!
This change has provided employment for Edgar who was featured in an early blog.  He has a cattle farm in Western Uganda which is sustaining itself and agreed to come to Jinja and help NGM face this change and overcome the challenges. The farm is not yet developed to the extent that it can sustain his salary, the cost of medically treating the animals and maintaining itself.  Edgar is committed to managing and developing the farm to the extent that it is self-sustaining AND provides not for profit resources for the expanding ministry of Next Generation Ministries.

We have encouraged Edgar to dream big about the farm.  His vision is to see the farm produce 300 liters of milk per day.  He would love to see the farm develop milk products like ice cream, cheese, and butter.  He also dreams of being able to provide instruction, consultation, and resources to those interested in cattle farming and those who have receive cows so that they are prosperous with their opportunity.  He dreams of being able to provide the best quality cows for other dairies in the area.

This change demands faith from us.  We are trusting the Lord to use His people to provide for this change. Recently it was reported that the average American Starbucks customer spends over $900 annually on coffee.  We would welcome any portion of that! Two hundred and fifty dollars a month will pay Edgar's salary and the small expenses associated with this farm.  But, more cows should be purchased as well.  Would you be willing to join this new adventure with us.  Would you be willing to help find groups that would like to help grow the farm with the purchase of more cows?  Would you be willing to contribute to the currently monthly needs on a regular basis for a year?  The opportunities are there.  Why not join us in this change and help us meet the challenges?

You may send your donation to Next Generation Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  Your contribution is tax deductible.  Let us know that it is for the NGM farm and all of it will be used for this new development.


  1. Great ideal! Our prayers and thoughts for success. Funds will follow.

    1. Thanks so much for your support of this approach. We hope to see some make progress to a more self sustaining status through it.


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