Wednesday, November 28, 2012


What's In The Box?

In about 14 hours I will be aboard another transcontinental aircraft for a 24 hour journey half way around the world ... again.  It will be the third time this year that I fly 10,000 miles from Oregon to the African country that I love so much.  But, Uganda hosts a culture that can be frustrating at several levels.  And, it has such a slowly developing economy that makes life, as Westerners know it, uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Why do I keep doing this?

Because of what's in the box.

Life can be lived intentionally from the center of our being or it can seem like it is misdirected by a series of random disconnected fragments.  Values can compete for top billing which keeps us bouncing between the ditches instead of moving smoothing down the road in a somewhat straight line.

Life is also punctuated by life changing opportunities.  Some of us have the courage to look directly in the mirror and answer the questions posed in those intersections.  Others of us meander through them without even seeing the sign posts.  Or we simply ignore them.  Some of us desert our hearts, which given freedom by us, would nudge us in the best direction.  And others of us take an easy path of less resistance or the pragmatic approach.

Watch this 2 minute 16 second video and see if you can tell me what's in your box.  It could provide you with one of those life changing opportunities.  The reason I'm making my third flight to Uganda tomorrow is because of what's in my box.


  1. Have a safe journey. You will have everything you need in that box. See you in February. DK

  2. Thanks Paul. You and Pam are inspirations to me because you exude the fragrance of Christ. I love the choices you have made. I probably should stop here but alas I won't. I believe most everyone I know personally who identify as followers of Jesus would write Christ on the piece of paper and place it in the box. Yet I think we are unaware of many ways that we live our lives that are not faithful to the ways in which Jesus led his life and commands us to live if we are going to answer the call to follow him. I have never been out of our country so I am talking about the Christian culture in the United States where consumerism and pragmatism and militarism are so effectively hiding the light of Christ that I am afraid that as in the days of Bonhoeffer in Germany and the desert monks in the 300s after Contstantines conversion to the church to the ways of empire, one day Christianity will primarily only exist in the new monastic communtities that are springing up around the country. I am very thankful for them and pray for them daily. If I was younger, I would consider joining one. I will continue to follow here in Colton with the help of my church family here. One last though. I think the sermon on the mountain is critical to a more faithful following of the Lord Jesus. I think he tells us that in Matthew 7. Well I have rambled on too much. I love you Paul and again I thank you loving me and for the fragrance of Christ that you and Pam spread.


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