Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Emotion Vs Commitment

A Beautiful Thing

by Connie Lucas

Connie Lucas
I sit on my bedroom floor thinking intently on what I have seen and experienced while being in Africa.  My journal lays open on my lap and I stare with my eyes resting on some unimportant object in front of me.  No matter what you expect to experience it always takes you by surprise by giving you something completely different.  I have been here 12 or 13 day and what I have seen and been taught is how to love your spouse.  Strange.  Didn't expect a lesson in this while being in Africa.  I expected crying babies, uncomfortable situations with sick people, and Jesus humbling me in embarrassing ways.  I'm sure these will still happen, but nevertheless, marriage lessons is what I've had all week.

Paul and Pam Hunter celebrated 44 years in marriage and had a huge party to remember it by.  I watched them the morning before the party as she sat on his lap and kissed him.  They are lost in romance while praising Jesus at the same time for having each other.  Paul wipes tears from his face as he thanks God for being blessed by Pam.  As I watch them the more I desire a Godly union.  I don't just want a guy to like me. I don't just want a man to say that he loves me.  I want a man who was directed by God to see me and say he is committed to me for the rest of my life.  It is possible ... because I see it in front of me now.

The commitment is the love.  The love is the commitment.  You do not enter a marrage or relationship because you feel gushy about each other.  Because he's sweet and because she's pretty.  Or even because you both love God.  Or because you have similar goals.  You come together because there is a peace from God and obvious signs that the Lord has a purpose for the two of you being together.  The passion Paul and Pam have for each other has been an example to me because they have more passion for God first.  They minister to people together.  Africans see them love one another and it is a perfect picture of how Jesus feels about His church.  It has set an example for me to wait on the Lord and allow Him to hold my heart until that one sees me.

44 years of commitment yielding love
So I sit and remember the conversations that they had with me.  The unintentional marriage counseling that happened randomly in the evenings.  The daily example of how to put you spouse before yourself.  I am deeply encouraged by their love for one another. I see the Africans take notice of their love.  It seriously opens up doors for Paul and Pam to talk with people.  People see them and desire to have a love like that.  Not necessarily in a marriage, but just with a person.

So as I experience more of God in this way, the more I fall in love with Him.  He is wooing me again on this trip.  I see Him everywhere.  Mostly in Paul and Pam's love for each other and for the people.  I thank God I have such a wonderful family to stay in. Jesus is good.  He is strong.  He is loving and He knows what I need at this time.  Praise Him for who He is and how He is planning my life.  Amen.






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