Monday, April 23, 2012


We Do What We Can't Do Apart

With Mother (91) and Dad (90)
Tomorrow afternoon I begin my journey back to Uganda. It's been an amazing time with my family.   All of my brothers and sisters came to the Midwest to witness my parents receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award for service to the Lord for the 90 and 91 years they have been on this earth.  My daughter, Stephanie, my son, Dawson, and my granddaughter, Blair, also came for the experience.  I've wrote about in in my last blog.

While I was away in America, every day I searched my email inbox for a blog written by the team that I left behind in the care of my wife and Jeff Kasigwa. This Hands4Uganda team originated out of Pocatello, Idaho, but has two team members on it from Alaska and North Carolina.  I sensed they had been brought together for a special reason and was anxious to read about each day they spent in Uganda.  If you are interested in discovering how they spent their time and what a short term mission can look like you can read about their time in Uganda here.

I gladly confess that, while my time here has been special (especially with my daughter Stephanie who has been with me for the entire duration), I've missed my Ugandan home and family.  I'm proud of the work they continued in my absence.  There is no way I could do what I do without this special team around me.  My daughter Stephanie, who works in the home office, Jeff's leadership with the team that is leaving today, and Pam's attention to the big picture and the small details have allowed me to be here at the same time a group of six visitors from the States are there.

Hands4Uganda Team with my Ugandan family
Thank you Karla, Kirsten, Josh, Jennifer, Michelle, and Mark for encouraging me to abandon you and your mission in order to share this special time with my family.  Thank you Jeff for being willing to advance your mentoring by accepting to administer the daily mission of the Hands4Uganda team. Thank you Pam for doing your job AND most of my job.  I'll be home Wednesday night.  Good enough, you had your Dove Voice Band boys there with you in my absence .. along with Robyn, Hannah, Sera and Peter.

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