Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Resurrected Life

Beauty Rises From the Ashes

Mama Sera with her Mama Pam
Jesus Christ, the only One, in all of time and space, who had victory over sin, death, and the grave, is the explanation for her current life.  Her background would have dictated an all together different status.  A victim of the Rwanda genocide and put with a family who treated her as a slave and whose children told her almost daily that she was the ugliest person in the world, Sera brings faith, hope, and love to our hearts.

Our relationship with Sera began in December of 2009.  It has gone through a lot since that time.  We take her as our daughter, but she accepted this relationship without the benefit of growing from infancy with us.  That would have been a big advantage for us and for her.  In  addition, she suffered without a normal childhood in a vacuum without love.  Her past should have resulted in a sad ending.
But God, is so rich in mercy, and He loved us so much, that even though we were dead because of our sins, He gave us life when He raised Christ from the dead!  It is only by God's grace that we have been saved. (Ephesians 2:5-4 NLT)
Gifts from Sera!
Our relationship with Sera has grown so much.  We have seen her walls come down and her heart open up with a teachable spirit.  She desires the love she never had growing up.  She desires the training she never had to be a daughter, a wife, and a mother.

Last week Sera made us proud.  Most of those who know about Sera know her as the young mother of 19 former street boys over the past four years.  It was the heart of compassion that God put within her that gave her this huge responsibility.  But a heart of compassion cannot stop there.  It will find expression in various venues.

Peter helps Emma show off his new blanket!
Over a month ago, Paul wrote about a friend of Peter who gave his meaningless life to God.  Emma has been growing since that moment as his life goes through constant change.  He needed to move out of his current living situation.  Some of his friends helped him find a one room house to live in and paid for his first three months of rent there.  But, he had no mattress to sleep on.  When Sera heard of this, her heart of love and compassion kicked into gear.  She had Peter take her to find a mattress for Emma to sleep on.  But, she began to realize if Emma didn't have a mattress then he also did not have sheets, a blanket or a pillow to go with it.  Sera purchased all of these needed items and went with Peter to deliver them to Emma.

Thanks for loving Emma
We knew that Sera would never write about such a demonstration of love.  Proverbs warns, "Let another praise you and not your own lips."  We are honoring you Sera.  We love you and are humbled by the relationship the Lord has give us with you.  May you bring Him great glory!  Your life is a testimony to His great power.  Your life has been resurrected and given purpose, meaning, and direction and we are blessed.

Mom & Dad Hunter

Linda of Idaho State University
God has connected so many people to Sera.  She grew up without family and without deep friendships. But now she has many friends in America who love who she is and what she is doing with her family. One such friend has never met Sera in person, but only through her son who came to Uganda on a short term mission trip in 2011.  Linda Baum has become a part of Sera's life through Facebook.  This past Saturday night, Linda raised  over $100 from raffle tickets for the mascot of Idaho State University where she is employed.  She had the opportunity to go on stage and tell Sera's story, after which many flooded her with money to purchase tickets.  Linda is pictured her with the Bengal tiger and a copy of Sera's book, FINDING FAMILY.  This book is available for a generous donation of $50 to Next Generation Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, Oregon 97017.

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  1. Sera's story is not only touching but also illustrates God's love for us especially when we don't realize it. God alone holds our destiny, not any man. May God keep smiling on u Sera and use u for His glory. Much love. Sylvia


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