Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Release!

No One Like You

Dove Voice Band
Next Generation Ministries has enjoyed a friendship with the Dove Voice Band for the past two years.  We often bring them from Kampala to minister to short term mission team members who are in Uganda for a week or two.  Many of these short termers enjoy and appreciate these young men and fall in love with their music and ministry. Last year NGM was the executive producer of their first ever English album titled No One Like You.  When we first met this band few of them spoke any English, resulting in great melodies and dancing, but little understanding of the message by our guests from America.  At the end of our first year of relationship, I encouraged the band to learn English so that they could improve their communication with our visitors from the West.  Not only did they learn English, but they wrote 8 songs in English!  These songs, plus one in Swahili make up this album.  It is now available for your enjoyment for $15 from Next Generation Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  Since a donor contributed to all  the studio and production time in Kampala, remixing and sound editing was donated by friends in Oregon,  and Crown Media of Spokane, Washington donated the stamping of the CD, there was no expense to NGM for this album.  ALL of the money gathered from the sale of this CD to NGM will be used for the ministry of the Dove Voice Band.

The Dove Voice Band is comprised of a group of young Congolese men who live in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.  They are dedicated to serving God and using their talent and passion for music to open doors for for a powerful ministry.  They are not just a band ... they are brothers.  Together they display the glory of Jesus.  Their original songs are not just words, but were created out of the heart of truth and life.  Each of them come from a different background, but from the same Father.  Each one was lost, but has been found by Jesus. Each has their own story, but the same Savior.

Next Generation Ministry is happy to release this new CD.  Bulk orders are available too.  Please contact me at Paul Hunter for attractive prices for bulk orders.

The fair market value of this CD is $15.  This is NOT a tax deductible contribution.

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  1. thanks lords for your love and whatever you are doing with us


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