Friday, March 9, 2012


Fingerprints of Jesus

The hearts and hands of nine amazing people from Fairview, Oklahoma are currently depositing the sweet  fragrance of Jesus in the nation of Uganda.  With a love for Jesus and the people of Uganda, they have not only been touching the lives of many nationals here, but leaving an expression of that love on Pam and me as well.  We host many teams with various focuses for their short term missions, but this one has decided to include blessing us.  They have enhanced and renovated our guest house and we are so grateful.  But, beyond our personal benefit, they have touched the lives of pastors, teachers, students, new friends, and associates of Next Generation Ministries.

Oklahoma Team 2012 with friend Patrick
Pam and I get little rest and even less time with each other when we host a team from the States.  We are willing to pay this price so that we can connect some people from America to some people from Uganda.  We sincerely believe in the worthiness of these connections.  We also believe that it changes the hearts of all people involved.

Having said this ... and in the absence of any complaint about using the blog of this Oklahoma Team the last time I did this ... I've recommend you click on this link, Uganda And Beyond, if you want to get a snapshot of what our lives have been like the past several days.  A lot has happened since their last post and I'm sure more news will be forthcoming.

Pam and I are headed for Kampala this morning to be a part of an "Introduction" ... a term that describes the meeting between two families/clans to discuss dowry so that two young people can be officially engaged and a wedding date set.  Aksanti is a member of the Dove Voice Band and his family is back in the Congo.  Pam and I will help represent him along with perhaps his pastor and other friends.  We will bring a dozen members of the band back to Jinja for dinner, fellowship and ministry with the Oklahoma team tonight.  I will preach and the band will minister their music at two services tomorrow at Bugembe Miracle Center.

Thank you for your love and prayers.

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