Thursday, March 22, 2012


Is A Part of Living

At the hospital before the crisis begins
I was barely conscious as I fumbled for the cell phone that was vibrating and ringing somewhere on the top of my desk, next to my bed, at 3 AM. Although the doctor had dismissed Lyzette from the hospital the evening before, Jeff was asking me to please pray for her.  Serious bleeding resulted from the placenta of their 7 month old baby separating from the uterus and she had been admitted to Jinja Main Hospital.  After very little diagnosis and only prescribed bed rest, she had been at the  hospital for three days and then released to go home.  Peter, Sera, and Jeff took her home and had all felt like she was relieved and doing better.  The second call about 2 hours later resulted in an immediate clear head and resolve to join Jeff at the hospital where he had taken her.  His voice communicated deep concern, if not fear.

Love and sympathy from the Oklahoma team
Everything scheduled for that day was pushed aside so that I could encourage Jeff and Lyzette at the hospital.  Encouragement was hard to give as I quickly remembered that this hospital has some nurses, fewer doctors, and barely anything medical that would be encouraging.  Informed that Lyzette was going into the theater (operating room) for a Cesarean Section we began to look for and purchase everything that the doctor and his attendants may require for the surgery.  The medical staff was quarreling with anyone available and Jeff was a tight knot of nerves on edge.

I would choose just about any small clinic in Jinja over the government hospital that I have come to name No Hope Hospital.  I quickly turned my hope to the Lord and called Peter around 6 AM so that he could bring the vehicle to the hospital after dropping Sera's boys at school.  By 6:30 Peter and Sera were both there and Jeff's support system increased as they also began to encourage him.  Jeff's grandmother joined us after we were informed that the baby was alive and under "intensive" care.  There had been a lot of talk about money before the surgery had begun, and Jeff and I had both attempted to convince the medical staff we were dealing with, to please focus on saving the mother and baby and not demand payment before any work would begin.

Baby Hunter ready for burial
The day turned out bitter sweet.  The Oklahoma team who was scheduled to leave for Entebbe Airport early that day, in order to spend some time with Dereck and Naysha Mombera over dinner, decided to delay their departure and all come to the hospital.  The love of those who came to support Jeff was sweet and brought tears to his eyes.  The baby lived for about 90 minutes before we were informed that little boy "Hunter" had not made it .  It was bitter.

A burial for the baby was arranged and conducted in less than two hours. Now the total focus shifted to the mother, Lyzette.  As she was moved from the operating room to her bed, my observation of her did nothing to relieve my concern.  She had lost a lot of blood and I didn't believe she was out of danger.  I wanted to make sure the Lord knew that we wanted Jeff to remain with the love of his life.

Our hope comes from the Lord
Lyzette is now home and the wounds from the surgery are healing well.  She is getting stronger, but her soul is still in need of much healing.  She was on a bed in Ward 7, for 4 and a half days, with mothers who were attending to their newborns, and the sights and sounds of the babies in the ward only served as a constant reminder that her baby had already entered Heaven ahead of his parents.  Not only was he gone, but Lyzette was never able to see him or hold him before he was taken Home.

Death is an enemy.  It is unavoidable.  So far, one our of one has died.  It is a part of life.  Pam encouraged Jeff at the burial that some died young, but no one dies early.  It is appointed unto all once to die.  Death is the consequence of God's enemy and man's independence from the Father.  But, God is in charge and He is to be trusted. That is a part of life too.

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  1. A day that will be etched into my heart for a very, very long time. Comfort comes from knowing that God is in control and He lovingly cares for us.


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