Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Beginning

A New Day, New Place, New Life

The Lord replies:
I have seen violence done to the helpless,
And I've heard the groans of the poor.
Now I will rise up to rescue them
As they have longed for me to do.  (Psalm 12:5 from my Scripture reading this morning!)
Breakfast at grandma Pam's
They didn't wait for the sun to arrive.  They were awake at 5 AM and washing themselves.  By 7:00 the sun had risen and Peter and Sera arrived to find 8 men were already on the job ... drinking around the shack in which the children had slept!. Monday their mother had agreed to release them to the care and guardianship of Sera Kasonga.  Peter and Sera were amazed to find the drunkards already hard at work as they gathered all four of the children up and brought them our house.

Pam and I were pumped full of joy and anticipation. This was a new day in the lives of Gian (14), Achirlo (12), Shakira (6), and Aket (4).  Pam fixed a heaping bowl of scrambled eggs for their breakfast.  They looked like different children to me.  They were smiling ... at least the girls were.  Gian looks to me like he has accumulated a lot of pain in his brief existence and my heart is drawn to him.  One more fatherless young man who has no idea what a man is or how to become one.

Yesterday's guest blogger ... today's cook!
I told them while Mama Sera went with Peter to town, for last minute shopping, they could begin to take showers.  Though we have a hot water heater, we usually reserve the use of it for short term mission teams when they are here.  But, today was special. This was a new day in the lives of these kids and I was determined they would take hot showers, put on clean clothes, and be ready for the trip to Fountain of Hope School. It really was a new day.  Later, they talked of their showers with Sera.  It was the FIRST time they had ever taken a shower that way and they were amazed!.

Packing four trunks for four students
The morning was filled with making sure that each child had a trunk with the things they would need for this first term of boarding school.  The requirements were simple, but costly multiplied four times.  Sera and Peter had gathered most everything needed and began to pack each trunk.  The mattresses and trunks were put on the luggage carrier and we headed for Bukeeka.

These kids do not yet know Jesus, but I believe they are on the way.  I prayed for them and, as the Lord would have, our pastor, Pastor Jimmy, was here and he prayed for them as well.  I believe it won't be long before we hear that each one of them has yielded their life to Christ.

The girls took to the school instantly and were off and running.  I had a meeting with some men at the school for over two hours and when I returned to the van for the trip back to Jinja I found Gian just sitting on a bench by the vehicle with an empty look on his face.  I have touched him a lot and I put my arm around him.  I spoke of a great opportunity for him and encourage him to see how good the Lord has been to bring Sera into his life.

Starting a new life at Fountain of Hope School
It's a new day for these four children, in a new place, and I pray that they find New Life.

One of the children already has a sponsor and others are considering.  If you would like to be be among them you can send $30 a month for one of these precious kids, or $360 for a full year, to Next Generation Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017.  Please write Sera's Girls in the memo line.

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