Wednesday, December 28, 2011


God's Feet!

Robyn (17) and Blair (18) in Jinja, Uganda
2011 is taking its last couple of breaths and soon the dawn of the New Year will be rising.  I've experienced a lot of things on two continents over the past 12 months, but this year there is not much to compare with the relationship I've enjoyed with my two oldest granddaughters.  Caught in the cross hairs of a failed marriage, Robyn (just turned 18) and Blair (about to turn 19) made the international flight of 18 hours on March 7th, of this year, to Uganda with us.  At this point Pam and I were just their grandparents, but that was about to change.  They spent the next four and a half months with us before returning to the States.

Blair with some of her young African friends
At their request and our consent both have been living with us since our return to the States.  With the support of their mother they requested they be allowed to live with us so we could mentor them. I've discovered it's a whole lot easier to be a grandparent than a mentor, but the rewards of this mentoring thing has surpassed the joys of being a grandparent.

Neither Blair nor Robyn had a relationship with Jesus when they left the United States.  Neither had even much of a belief in God.  They didn't find God in Africa.  In fact, Blair will tell you that it was God who found them.  Both girls had buyers remorse after purchasing their tickets.    Both knew that this trip could result in change ... even radical change ... and it was scary.  Blair is a very reflective person and this possibility was circulating in her heart and mind.  Even before the KLM aircraft touched down at the Entebbe Airport, Blair had simply told God that if He was real she was giving Him her life.  It's amazing what God can do with just a simple "yes."

Blair with her Papa (mentor)
It's been one change after another since that time.  A relationship with Jesus Christ guarantees constant change.  I have been so impressed with the way in which my granddaughters have responded to the changes required in this relationship.  Healing of past wounds is taking place.  Man centered values are being replaced by God centered values. Misguided objectives are being exchanged for purpose.  False identities have dissolved and genuine identity is becoming a solid foundation. Being trumps doing.

She belongs to Jesus
But, that is always a big question, isn't it?  What to do?  Blair has articulated her passion to me on several occasions.  She wants Jesus more than she wants anyone or anything.  But, what does she do as He becomes her life?  Go to college, join the Army, pursue training, get married, return to Africa?  All are options.  All have been discussed with us.  But, when it comes to making choices it is often difficult to know or discern what is the better or best choice when all considerations are good options.

Yesterday I read Blair's blog titled My Uganda Days.  I am amazed at the rate at which she is maturing.  She is not just a person who has become spiritually alive,  but become a new person as a result.  She is maturing at an accelerated pace.  It's amazing what God will do when a person keeps saying "yes."

Would you please click on the link above to read Blair's blog?  Please read it and listen to the cry of her heart.  She is willing to go anywhere and do anything if that is what she believes Jesus wants her to go and do.  She had made some plans for this next year, but she is now yielded to letting the Lord direct her steps.

If you have any inclination, ability, or know of some opening that would apply to Blair's willingness, please email me at  You may be a part of what God directs for these feet who belong to Jesus.  Blair is willing to move to any location to do whatever God wants her to do.  Can you help?

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