Thursday, October 20, 2011


Robert Sityo

Robert at Nakasero Hospital
Robert has many friends in America who are concerned about his current status in the battle he is waging with cancerous tumors in his foot.  After the United States Embassy required him to secure medical insurance to cover his medical expenses during treatment in the Spokane, Washington, it became clear Robert's treatment was going to have to be conducted in Uganda.  Robert's new cancer doctor of Nakasero Hospital confirmed the previous diagnosis and his hospital became the site for treatment. Robert has now had two treatments.

Progress is the word for the day after Robert's first two treatments.  Although he has suffered some of the severe side affects that accompany the drug used for his treatment, there has been immediate improvement.  The progress is significant enough that Robert can now wear a shoe on his diseased foot, something that he has not been able to do for months.  The swelling in his foot is reduced and the tumors are beginning to shrink.  Robert will receive his third treatment on November 7th.  His doctor is predicting that the tumors will have vanished by that time.

Noticeable improvement!
Robert's faith in the goodness and greatness of God has never wavered during this time of difficulty and pain.  In fact, it has grown stronger and stronger with each passing day.  Robert has captured a glimpse of how the Lord can use this experience to develop insight and compassion for the many Ugandans who endure extreme pain and suffering caused by various diseases common there.  Cancer is on the rise in this third world nation.  As a result of the historical religious roots of witchcraft in Uganda, many are convinced that this disease is the result of witchcraft.  This ignorance has caused many to consult witch doctors for treatment, resulting in death at their hands.

Treatment continues ... God blesses
Robert sends his gratitude for all the love and generosity he has received from his America friends.  Contributions from the West have paid for his cancer treatments.  Treatment would have been impossible had it not been for the contributions of many of you.  Robert is amazed that many who have never met him personally have contributed to his health care fund at Grace Giving International.   Prayers continue to be offered for the Lord's care and intervention.  Many people surrounding Robert are witnessing how God can do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we can ask or imagine.  (Ephesians 3:20)  They are amazed at a God who will go to such lengths to care for one of His own.

Robert sends his love and thanksgiving to all of you who have loved him, prayed for him, and contributed to his medical needs.  He is humble and grateful.

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