Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest Blogger Sera Kasonga

Sera with her mother Pam
A victim of the Rwandan genocide, Sera grew up as a child without a childhood and without the love of parents or family. She has been the daughter of Pam and me for the past two years. She is the mama of a family called Sera's Caring Place just outside of Jinja where she is the mother of 20 former street boys. Her faith is new, maturing, and impressive as she is providing a better and better home for her family.  She recently posted this on her blog.  You will enjoy this post. English is a second language for Sera and we are proud of her effort to write her blog in English for all her English speaking friends.  Click on the title above to read Sera's blog.
  • Sera is part of the next generation with whom Pam and I work with.  She is a world changer and is the kind of daughter who brings great pleasure to us as we see the impact she is making on her nation.

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